“Yeu arr teking zee pheud pheuteaux wit yeur zmarty pheun!”

Since I am in Paris, and shoot photos of feud weet ma pheun, I thought I would share again my last encounter with the Inspector from Feb 2014:

Just the other night Inspector Clouseau burst into the restaurant where I was dining with friends… :

“Eez dees yeur pheun?! Yeu arr teking zee pheuteaux wit yeur pheun!  Dees ees not allowed, le French food pheun photo.”

“My …. pheun?”

“Yes, yeur pheun.  Yeur zmarty pheun.”

“You mean my smart iPhone?”

“Of course!

“Why, yes.  As a matter of fact, I am.”

“I supose yeu intend too to post dem to yeur bleug?”

“My what?”

“Yeur bleug, bleug!!

“My blog?”

“Dat eez what I had been saying, yeu feul!”

From The Beeb:

France: Top chefs crack down on ‘food porn’

Two Michelin-starred French chefs are cracking down on customers who take photographs of their food, it’s been reported.  [YIKES!]


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  1. Early smirk! Ma gast ees flabbeured.

  2. donadrian says:

    I do consider it a rather vulgar thing to do.

  3. The Masked Chicken says:

    “I do consider it a rather vulgar thing to do.”

    I suppose if the food starts walking, one would need proof. There might be Klingons or Mak’Tar among us, you know.

    The Chicken

  4. Art says:

    I hope you didn’t just get caught and had to repost this as penance Fr.! I’ve been greatly enjoying your your posts of your vacation in Paris.

  5. pj_houston says:

    “I do consider it a rather vulgar thing to do….”

    Why? You paid for it. Now the prices they charge, that’s what is obscene.

  6. Mike says:

    When I see the porn cliché slapped onto something like this, I cringe. This may be because I have taken to snapping and sharing shots of beautifully preserved high altars in churches that still have and use them. Especially since Summorum Pontificum it is possible to glimpse traditional arrangements, unsullied by versus populum intrusions, that some among the “Spirit of Vatican II” mob smirkily try to dismiss as “ecclesiastical porn.”

    The reply of a young acquaintance to whom I sent one such photo recently was poignant: “I thought [the high altar] was a bit strange the first time I saw it but am starting to realize that churches not having it might be the oddities.” We are about to have the “wreckovation” talk.

    In the era of the “worship space” and the shopping-mall fast-food bazaar, multi ambulant quorum Deus venter est. They need to know what real food and authentic worship look like.

  7. Supertradmum says:

    What a brilliant actor and such a sad man…I miss his work.

    Love the Goons. The Goon Show – The Lost Emperor

  8. rcg says:

    Two minor and very late comments: Alton Brown said at one of his events that it was not neccessairly the best social form unless we include friends in the snaps because that is what the meal is really about. Second: I found a menu signed by Peter Sellers framed and fondly mounted on the wall of a pub in a small Villiage in England. The pub served meals in the back and was run by an Italian immigrant family. Sellers had also discovered it some years before and lauded the food on the menu and signed it. It was one of of those special moments that shows how we are connected in many sometimes almost hidden ways.

  9. jaykay says:

    Ah ahm sheurked, Fadderh Zay, sheurked…

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