Another gift idea: help the Monks of Norcia!

One of the best monastic communities of men that I know are the outstanding Benedictine Monks in Norcia, the presumed birthplace of St. Benedict in Umbria.

These are the monks who put their sung hours and Masses online on demand HERE

These are the monks who make spectacular beer… truly spectacular beer HERE

They have the older, traditional form of Holy Mass and, just as happened for centuries now, they are helping to revive a dormant town into new life.  They’ve put Norcia back on the map.

They have, once again, a nice calendar for 2015 with images of their monastic life.  You can help the monks by buying some of their calendars and giving them as gifts.  Quick!  Before Christmas is upon us and you have to rush to get things done!


Here are some snaps of mine:



Each day as indications for the liturgical calendar in both Extraordinary and Ordinary Forms, as well as abstinence or fast symbols.  Note that under each day of the week there is an theme which is traditionally observed.


Some spiritual direction about fasting.


Yes, friends, it looks like this.


And then there is the brewery.


You get great calendars, you take care of some gift ideas, the monks benefit… everyone wins.


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  1. frival says:

    It seems as though I am unable to buy their beer from outside of Europe. Their Extra looks to be a wonderful experience but I’m afraid I don’t think my wife would understand flying to Italy just to buy beer… Perhaps someone knows of another way?

  2. xsosdid says:

    Don’t know, but if you figure out a way I’m down for a two-four (Canadian expression)

  3. xsosdid says:

    Don’t know, but if you figure out a way I’m down for a two-four (Canadian expression)

  4. Bryan G says:

    @frival: unfortunately, the monks are not exporting to the US yet; hopefully in 2015 their distributor will be able to get the beer over the Atlantic.

    To get updates from the monastery on their brewery expansion et al., sign up for their newsletter here:

  5. Supertradmum says:

    At least one monk is from Iowa and from TAC. I love it how the Church is truly universal. I would hope people support this monastery without buying the beer!

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