Beautiful Requiem Altar Cards from SPORCH

The nice lady of SPORCH sent me a new set of Extraordinary Form altar cards for Requiem Masses!

They are spectacular.  Your TLM community needs a set!

They are pretty big. Here they are on the edge of a large table.


The center card.


A detail.


You can tell that this set is for a Requiem from this card. What is the clue?

IMG_4331.JPGI have written before about SPORCH.  HERE Check out the site and look at the wonderful options.  Just today I lent a set of the travel cards to a priest friend who is going on vacation soon.


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  1. (X)MCCLXIII says:

    Non dicitur

  2. Charlie Cahill says:

    I have noticed that when Masses are celebrated in my area, the term “Mysterium Fidei”-Mystery of Faith- is not said .All the Masses I have been at are in English. Was the term dropped in the recent translations,etc?

  3. Charlie Cahill says: “Mysterium Fidei”

    If the Masses are in English you aren’t going to hear “Mysterium fidei”, which was expunged by the liturgical “experts” who cut and pasted together the Novus Ordo- even in Latin – back in 1969.

    Yes, 1969. So, it has been awhile.

  4. jameeka says:

    Hmm, that was mentioned in your Oldiez Podcazt on Pope Paul VI and the Novus Ordo, one of the 3, that you reposted 12.03.14.

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