Catholic League on anti-Catholic Minnesota Public Radio

From the Catholic League:

Minnesota Public Radio Is A Scam

December 10, 2014

Bill Donohue comments on Minnesota Public Radio:

National Public Radio is no friend of Catholicism, but usually it tries to hide its bias. By contrast, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) is so thoroughly anti-Catholic that it makes no attempt to be fair. Truth be told, it is a scam: its politics is pervasive. Here’s the latest proof.

On December 8, a jury acquitted Father Mark Huberty, a Twin Cities priest, of criminal sexual conduct; a woman claimed he took sexual advantage of her during counseling sessions.

Three media outlets in Minnesota have been tracking this story from the beginning: the Pioneer Press, the Star-Tribune, and MPR. When news reports surfaced clearing Father Huberty of wrongdoing, the two newspapers gave the jury verdict complete coverage. But not MPR.

For many years now, MPR has specialized in issuing lengthy reports on alleged priestly abuse; it ran a long story last week about a former priest. When a priest is found not guilty, however, that is of no interest to MPR. To wit: In 2013, MPR did four lengthy stories on salacious accusations against Father Huberty, but when he was exonerated this week, the best it could do was to offer a 134-word AP story. It had no motivation to recount its previous reporting, or to present its own story.

This is yellow journalism: the only Catholic news that excites MPR is dirt.

Contact MPR honcho Morris Goodwin:
Phone: 212-371-3191

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  1. liberameDomine says:

    Thanks for the contact info. Sending an email now.

  2. Cantor says:

    Mr. Donahue does not speak for me.

    The MPR article states quite simply that the man was found to be not guilty of the charges. The two articles Mr. Donahue cites for comparison replay all of the sordid details of the acts that might, or might not, have occurred. There’s no need for that.

    It’s over. Let the priest be.

  3. Cincinnati Priest says:

    It is not just MPR. The whole NPR network is built on the premise of race, gender and identity politics, and exists mainly to “evangelize” their anti-Gospel. To wit, women are horribly oppressed; homosexuals are horribly oppressed; their preferred racial groups du jour are horribly oppressed (currently African-Americans and to a lesser extent Hispanics); and Christians — Catholics in particular — are ignorant, hateful, misogynistic and homophobic. One of their main dogmas is, of course, that abortion and contraception are unmitigated goods.

    Their bias (and corresponding pretense of objectivity) is almost laughable.

    One very concrete example I did to prove the point recently, when contrasting coverage of NPR with Fox News. I did a search on how many articles NPR did on the Michael Brown case in St. Louis. Countless. Then I searched for articles on Begic (hammer attack victim) from the Bosnia community just across town from Fergusson. How many references? Exactly zero. Ditto for the Bosnian woman who was attacked in with St. Louis Police dubbed a probable ethnic hate crime.

    According to NPR, it never happened.

    It is eerie, indeed almost Orwellian, how much NPR sticks to its “script,” having no interest in reporting a balance of opinions, or even recognizing other events that aren’t part of their preferred race and gender memes.

    We need to de-fund them. And with the tax dollars saved, make personal contributions to Catholic radio.

  4. Cincinnati Priest says:

    Correction above:
    Bosnia -> Bosnian

  5. texsain says:

    There’s been very little national coverage of this student who was killed by a UIW campus police officer off-campus:

  6. aquinasadmirer says:

    I’m not sure if it’s ironic or iconic that there is an MPR station (albeit the classical variety, KSJR) on the campus of a Catholic University.

  7. aquinasadmirer says:

    I’m not sure if it’s ironic or iconic that there is an MPR station (albeit the classical variety, KSJR) on the campus of a Catholic University in central Minnesota.

  8. Scott W. says:

    NPR/BBC is notorious. I recall B16’s visit to England. Two weeks before the visit BBC paraded every kook with a grudge against the Church in front of the microphone in anticipation of a massive protest against the pope. When it became clear that the visit was going well for the pope, BBC went dark on the story and instead ran stories about the dinginess of the hotel rooms for the athletes in the Commonwealth games.

    I would say Bill Donohue speaks for me either, but he is a watchdog I am grateful for. And it behooves a watchdog to bark.

  9. SKAY says:

    Cincinnati Priest said-

    “We need to de-fund them. And with the tax dollars saved, make personal contributions to Catholic radio.”

    I agree. I stopped donating to PBS within my state(LPB) a long time ago because of their obvious bias. I called to express my feelings and was told there were certain programs that were termed “must carry” by PBS. There was an effort to defund PBS by Congress at one time but it did not go anywhere.
    As I remember, the wife of Sen. Jay Rockefeller(D) was a director of PBS at the time.
    Since a part of NPR and PBS funding comes from taxpayers, there should not
    be a perceived bias–but of course there is. If it leaned the other way tax money would
    have been cut off a long time ago.

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