Fr. Z to priests going to Rome for the Jan ’16 CCC conference (or other reason)

I have wanted to attend the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy conference in Rome from 5-9 January.  I’m doing travel arrangements right now (and I sure could use some donations for it… I don’t get C.Ed. allowances, etc.  The wavy flag will help you to help me).

The line up for the Conference looks pretty good.  I am not sure about registration at this date and I believe the hotel/conference center where it is taking place no longer have rooms, but there are short let apartments and other, clerical places and convents.

Anyway… perhaps there is the chance of a blognic in Rome.

Also, I am thinking of a short let apartment.  I could be persuaded to share a 2-bedroom with a priest whom I know.  But the window is closing.

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  1. StnyPtGuy says:

    Hello Father:
    You may want to consider another trip, sooner: the Sacra Liturgia Conference in New York 1-4 June 2015.

  2. Okay… since you are changing the subject of my post. I would ask the organizers of the same why they wouldn’t cooperate, in NYC, with the only parish that has the TLM each and every day.

  3. James C says:

    Have you tried AirBnB, Father? I’ve had wonderful luck with it in Paris and Florence, and I’m sure there are some fine and affordable options in Rome.

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