My View For Awhile: last trip edition

Off again, hopefully for the last trip of the calendar year!


And boarded…


I’m reading Peter Kwasniewski’s new book. HERE





I’m reminded of the big band song from WWII. “You’re 1-A in the Army, but you’re A-1 in my heart!”


The (Delta) screen is promising free text messaging for T-Mobile customers. Given that and the far better overseas data rates, I’m think I’ll explore switching.

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  1. Rich Leonardi says:

    What’s your initial take on Kwasniewski’s new book, Father? It’s on my wishlist.

    Have a blessed Advent.

  2. Cincinnati Priest says:

    Re the Kwasniewski book: Just skimmed Robinson’s preface in the “Look Inside” feature of Amazon.

    The preface alone is worth the purchase price!

    Sounds like a great read.

    Thanks, Fr. Z. It’s on my Christmas list.

  3. frjim4321 says:

    Indeed the Wet Ones are critical for any trip especially when public facilities are required.

    Safe trip . . .

  4. Mike says:

    Thanks for the reminder about the Kwasniewski book, which has been riding around forgotten in my backpack but now sits in my lap waiting to be opened.

    My experience with T-Mobile airport services over the years has been very good. I’ve never used them as a primary mobile service provider, though.

    Safe travels, Father, and felicitations on the upgrade. St. Raphael, pray for us!

  5. Latin Mass Type says:

    I just started the book. Very good so far. Of course I’m especially interested in the subject!

  6. TopSully says:

    T-Mobile service in the US – Great in metro areas and along major interstates. Non-existent once you get past the greater suburban areas or a mile or so away from the interstates.

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