OLDIE: Images of the Basilica of St. Peter on this Feast of the Cathedra

Here is an oldie but goodie from back in 2008:

Here are a few photos of St. Peter’s taken last year (2007) on this feast of the Cathedra of St. Peter.

It is pretty dark in the Basilica, so steady is the name of the game. Here is a shot through the columns over the main altar toward the apse, where you can see the candles arrayed.

A closer view.

The bronze Cathedra is decorated with lighted candles only once a year, today.

The black bronse statue of St. Peter attributed to the marvelous Arnulfo di Cambio was always dressed up in his cope and tiara, with a ring on his finger and pectoral Cross on two days, 29 June and today. Then the modernists in the Fabrica started fooling around. Too triumphalistic. They started cutting out elements. But all of them were back today except for the griccia alb, which I can live without I guess.

And ….

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  1. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    Do they still put the old papal tiara on the Saint Peter statue? I find that incongruous with recent papal initiatives of the last few decades, which included abrogating use of the papal tiara and coronation.

  2. Nicholas says:

    Atra Dicenda,

    If we want to bring back the Tiara, one of us will have to become pope.

    (I’m looking at you, Fr Z)

  3. mburn16 says:

    One day the Tiara will return. One day the real Pope will again dress as splendidly as this statue. It was one of the two great disappointments of the reign of the Pope Emeritus that he did not restore such traditions. But all good things in time.

    Cardinal Burke seems like an excellent prospect to restore said traditions – and I actually think there is a strong case to be made he will be among the leading contenders in the next Conclave.

    As for what capacity the faithful have to influence the decision….well….that’s a different story.

  4. cbmiamiensis says:

    Anyone know what was done in the basilica this year? 2015 or the last couple years?

  5. Clinton R. says:

    St. Peter, prince of the Apostles, First Pontiff of the Holy Catholic Church, pray for us. Pray for your successor, Pope Francis, that his faith does not fail.

  6. Jack007 says:

    mburn16 I hate to be a realist, but Burke will NEVER be Pope, much less ANY American. Its an unwritten law that Americans are defacto excluded as papabile…contrary to the ridiculous musings of the American media come every conclave.
    BTW, this is common knowledge in Rome…the average Giusseppe on the street even knows this.
    The BEST that we can PRAY for is that the good Cardinal can exert some influence amongst his fellow electors.
    Jack in KC

  7. Per Signum Crucis says:

    Decorating the Cathedra with candles is amazing – I must look it out whenever I return to Rome someday – but dressing the statue in vestments and regalia that the Saint would never have worn in his earthly life is… well, odd. I’m not deliberately missing the point of this tradition either here or elsewhere in the Church universal; there’s just something about it that doesn’t gel for me.

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