Preparing future officers of the Church Militant and New Evangelization

A couple of nice TLM photos.

His Excellency Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of Madison, celebrating Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form for seminarians at Mount St. Mary Seminary. The diocese has seminarians in formation there.




Preparing future officers of the Church Militant.  Readying to continue the New Evangelization with a solid priestly identity.

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  1. Supertradmum says:

    Father, I pray for seminarians and priests by name daily. When I was in grade school, we “adopted” priests and sems to pray for daily…could Mt. St. Mary’s do this? Have cards printed up to pray for a specific young man daily?

    Do not forget to pray for one special sem in England! They do not learn the TLM at the seminary, however. Not yet. Pray that diocese gets a good bishop, soon, please.

  2. snoozie says:

    Bishop Morlino is the bomb!!!

    May God richly and abundantly bless him (and the fortunate young men who call him Father).

  3. Liz says:

    This is SO exciting! God bless His Excellency and these young men!

  4. mamamagistra says:

    And then only two days later, they post on their Facebook page a photo from today’s Mass with the celebrant in a GREEN chasuble for St. Patrick’s Day!!!!!!

  5. mamamagistra says:

    At least someone at Mount Saint Mary’s had the good sense to remove the green-chasuble-for-St-Patrick’s-Day photo from Facebook since my comment above.

  6. Giuseppe says:

    Just so no one tried to consecrate Irish soda bread and Guinness.

  7. ghp95134 says:

    Just so no one tried to consecrate Irish soda bread and Guinness.

    HA! Giuseppe just reminded me of the Irish seven-course meal:
    A six-pack of Guiness and a potato.

    In this case we can substitute the tattie for a loaf of Irish soda bread.



  8. Gregorius says:

    The Mount’s situation is complex. The whole place institutionally claims to be deeply rooted in tradition, but has no real love for the TLM. The seminary at least offers some sort of EF practicum class for interested seminarians with a weekly “private” (in the sense of “not on the official schedule”) low Mass to go with it, a monthly public TLM (replacing one of the two Masses normally offered on Saturday), and an annual Solemn High Mass sometime after Easter break. Whoever plans their OF liturgies at least makes an attempt at putting in a few ‘reform of the reform’ elements at ‘solemn’ liturgies on Sundays/holy days. The seminary is in a good place spiritually. The TLM is there for those seminarians/clergy who want it, but right now most of the seminarians and faculty have no interest in it. The Masses are all technically open to the laity if they also want it, but the Masses are not advertised and they have to know where to look in order to go to it(the “reserved for Fr. ***** on x-date at 7am” sign on the seminary chapel door on Sunday evening/Monday morning and the seminary daily bulletin posted throughout the building on Thursdays/Fridays if any Mounties are wondering).
    On the university side, the chaplain himself said he has no interest in celebrating or offering opportunities for the TLM. Campus ministry is decidedly liturgically ‘progressive’, and people who’d rather not have that sort of thing invariably fall on shaky terms with the leadership. The university administration at least attempts to maintain official public fidelity to Church teaching, but most students simply do not care about that, and so the thin veneer of orthodoxy and “Catholic identity” can sometimes create hypocrisy and spiritual malaise in some faithful.
    The good news is more and more people there are becoming interested in Tradition, and in short time by God’s grace the Mount may yet become a TLM hub for the area, particularly if the Carmel being built nearby gains any influence on the school.

  9. AnnTherese says:

    “Preparing future officers of the Church Militant.” Or, preparing servants and disciples for Christ’s mission.

  10. Frank H says:


    Same difference!

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