Swiss Guard Armor Project – UPDATE

You know about our project to build armor for an officer of the Swiss Guard.  Here is an update.

What is this about?  HERE

This is from the Swiss Guard’s wife:

We have just received photos of the final engravings on the breastplate and I wanted to share them with you, the wonderful people behind this piece of art, before Fr. Z. posts them on his blog! I know how speedy he is with that, so please Fr. Z, give us 24 hours! [Yah.. right….!]

I’m also including below some pics of the construction phase and of Dominic and the armory manager when they were working out the placement of the saints. Delivery of the breastplate will be next week, just before the swearing-in ceremony on 6 May. The Austrian brothers who handmade the breastplate will bring it to the Vatican. Dominic is so excited to wear it for the first time on this important occasion. This is happening years before we thought it would be possible and we thank you heartily and humbly with our prayers.

We hope you like the way that both St Joseph and St Joan of Arc are engraved on the front and Dominic’s family crest is at the base of his back. We hope so much that there will be another little Bergamin to wear this one day! For now, these two saints will surely watch over Dominic as he protects the Holy Father.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of you readers.









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  1. Suburbanbanshee says:

    First off, the breastplate itself. Beautiful work! I’ve seen a fair amount of armor done by SCA smiths, and this looks really solid. (As it should be, since it’s for work and not for hobby/)

    Second, it does look like the smith has a little more practice doing St. Joseph holding the Child Jesus than St. Jeanne d’Arc. (I don’t think it’s that their image is less challenging, because it’s full of incredible detail.) However, I’m happy to see that St. Jeanne looks devout but not wispy, so good job there! Her furled banner is well done, too.

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