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Feedback and a confessional story

From a reader… I went to confession! It had been 10 years. Your encouragement helped me get up the nerve to go. The hardest part was actually going to the church. I wrote down every single thing I wanted to … Read More

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Notes on Eucharistic Prayer II

Every once in the while, when I was saying the Novus Ordo far more often than I do today (last Sunday was the first in several months, after the EF and before an EF baptism), why I used the Roman … Read More

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Another morsel for #TalkLikeShakespeare Day

Today my Word of the Day from the OED is honorificabilitudinity, n. [‘ Honourableness.’] Pronunciation: Brit. /ˌɒnəˌrɪfᵻkəˌbɪlᵻtjuːˈdɪnᵻti/, U.S. /ˌɑnəˌrɪfᵻkəˌbɪlᵻt(j)uˈdɪnᵻdi/ Etymology: <  post-classical Latin honorificabilitudinitas honourableness (13th cent. in British and continental sources) <  honorificabilitudin-, honorificabilitudo honourableness (in a charter of 1187 in Du Cange; <  honorificabilis honourable (7th … Read More

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Thanks to readers, monthly donations, Mass for benefactors

A quick word of thanks to readers who have sent donations or wish list items.  I will say Mass for the intention of benefactors tomorrow Friday, 24 April. Oremus pro benefactoribus nostris.  Retribuere dignare, Domine, omnibus nobis bona facientibus propter nomen … Read More

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A curious lacuna in ‘Misericordiae vultus’, the Bull for the Holy Year of Mercy

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Today I was reading Misericordiae vultus and noticed that, in section 15 on the Works of Mercy, [Pope Francis] gives both full lists of 7 works, and then goes on to expand on all 7 of the … Read More

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A Talk Like Shakespeare Day Gift to the Fair Readership that frequenteth This Blog

It’s… Talk Like Shakespeare Day! #TalkLikeShakespeare #TalkLikeShakespeareDay Therefore, I urge you all hence forth to speak in verse. Pentameter iambic would be best. Hear, O gentles! Also strive to use in thy fair speech some homage to the Bard. Maybe … Read More

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