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Do you pray for the priests who gave you sacraments?

I noticed that today is the 55th anniversary of my baptism.  I will say a prayer or two for the one who baptized me and for my godparents, one of whom is deceased. Do you pray for the priest (or ministers … Read More

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It looks like he “judged” after all!

The MSM took what the Pope said on the airplane (about a homosexual who is trying to live a holy life), that is, “Who am I to judge?” and ran with only half the story, giving the impression that Pope … Read More

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Card. Napier corrects RNS’s David Gibson about “the Pope’s theologian”

There is a good piece today at CNA by the always-engaging Andrea Gagliarducci about Wilfrid Fox Card. Napier of Durban, who is rapidly climbing on my favorite list. Kasper is not the ‘Pope’s theologian,’ says leading African cardinal Vatican City, … Read More

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Fr. Z’s Voice Mail or ¡Hagan lío!

I have had a few voice mails recently, some from the USA and a couple from the UK. I generally don’t return calls, but I do get your messages. To the person in Buffalo, NY last week, yes, profanation of … Read More

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More funny but biting commentary from Lutheran Satire!

More biting commentary from Lutheran Satire.  Fun. Watch to the end.

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ASK FATHER: Crossing arms to receive Communion

From a reader… QUAERITUR:  I have been regularly attending the Traditional Latin Mass for the last two years and have been an altar boy at the TLM for the past year and a half. I have noticed that a fair … Read More

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Friday Abstinence, the Octave of Easter and You

Each year during the Octave of Easter – and of Christmas – there is a Friday.  Fridays are days of penance, usually observed by abstinence from meat. So, can one eat meat on Friday in the Octave of Easter? The … Read More

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