ASK FATHER: 58 years old, never confessed, given Communion or confirmed. What now?

From a reader…


I am 58 years old and was baptized as RC I was never confirmed /never made first holy communion and rarely attended church. I was drawn back to attending church about a year ago and as I am self employed and work in different ares each day I am attending Mass just about every day and receiving a great deal of satisfaction and comfort from doing so. I don’t take communion as I am not entitled to but would dearly love to do so. I don’t belong to any parish as I visit many different churches and would not be able to attend the same one due to my work. As someone who is parish-less how can I get confirmed,no one seems able to help me.

God bless you.  It sounds like the Holy Spirit is doing some wonderful things in awaking in you the Faith you received in baptism so many years ago. Keep at it, even if it gets difficult… and there will be times when it gets difficult.  In the meantime, enjoy the graces you are being given.

Also, kudos to you for wanting to respond to that grace and participate more fully in the Church by receiving the sacraments. God will richly reward your interest and your efforts.

Now, to work!

Even if you are not registered in any parish, the good news is that you DO have a parish. Even if you work all over the place and attend Mass at different places,  you nevertheless have a parish based on where your primary residence is.  Mind you, parish boundaries are not always easy to figure out, but if you call the nearest parish and inquire, someone be able help to yo, if not on the spot, then in short time.

Those who do not have a permanent home are called vagi in Latin, meaning “wanderers”.  They have a right to the sacramental services of the pastor of the church where they are at any given moment.

In addition, if you make inquiries at any Catholic parish, you would surely be welcomed with open arms, given the instruction you need, and placed on the proper path for making a good confession, getting confirmed, and being admitted to receive our Eucharistic Lord in Holy Communion.

If you have found unhelpful people at a parish, place a call in to the local diocese and explain the situation.

If, after this, you still meet resistance or roadblocks, drop me a line again and let me know where you are.  Perhaps I might manage to knock some heads together.

Meanwhile, welcome home!  I imagine that many of the readers here will stop – RIGHT NOW – and say a prayer for you.

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  1. JasonGennaro says:

    A Memorare right now!

  2. oldconvert says:

    I will say a prayer for you tonight. Hold fast, help will come.

  3. andia says:


  4. bbmoe says:

    Prayers! If by some wild chance this gentleman is in the Austin, TX area, he should call St. John Neumann parish, ask for Rachel and say, “Barbara sent me.” We will fix you up. That goes for anyone in his situation. We run a year-round RCIA program and are working on ways to meet people where their circumstances have them. Do not be discouraged! Take heart! Fr Z is a good head-knocker!

  5. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    What a great story! I just said a prayer to your guardian angel. Ask for guidance and protection: your angel sees the face of God and will not fail you!

  6. Lori Pieper says:

    Welcome and blessings! I will pray that all your problems and uncertainties will quickly be solved and that you will soon be able to enjoy the grace of the sacraments. I expect you will have a wonderful First Communion!

    (This may sound strange, but I sometimes wish I were an adult convert or revert, so I could experience Communion with a greater understanding than I did when I was eight).

  7. frahobbit says:

    “I don’t take communion as I am not entitled to but would dearly love to do so.”

    What a beautiful statement of love and reverence!

  8. BobNYCatholic says:

    Prayers said for the OP and I will keep praying for you. I too came back to the Church after a 15 year period of not practicing my faith. Keep at it, coming back has been terrific, even with some tough times. I have experienced a transformation. My love for God has grown by leaps and bounds. As scripture says sell everything for that pearl. God Bless

  9. DavidJ says:

    Prayers of thanksgiving for the grace you’re getting, prayers of petition that you find your way open!

  10. Diane says:

    I just said a prayer for you! Welcome Home Indeed!!!

  11. A.D. says:

    Prayers for you , Dear Brother!

  12. ecclesiae says:

    If the gentleman is near southern New Jersey, contact Mater Ecclesiæ in Berlin NJ. The parish has no boundaries. It was established by the Diocese of Camden in a.D. 2000 for traditionalist minded Catholics wherever they may be.

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