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ASK FATHER: After the final blessing, Father says….

From a reader… QUAERITUR: After the Final Blessing (and normally some announcements), our Pastor says ” Remember God loves you and so do I.” Many in the Parish have begun to reply ” We love you too Father”. I have been … Read More

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WDTPRS Ascension – Our humanity, “raised beyond the heights of archangels”

On my planet, this coming Sunday is the 7th Sunday after Easter, Ascension Thursday having fallen on Thursday. In most places Ascension Thursday has been transferred to Sunday, but not with malice.  I’m sure the notion the bishops had was … Read More

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Pontifical Masses

The crowning jewel of the Roman Rite is the Pontifical Mass, particularly when the diocesan bishop celebrates in his own diocese.  It is as if the whole diocese is present in the moment. In Madison, WI, the local bishop, His … Read More

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Rome Day 1: The Stacks

I am in Rome for some research.  Happily I’ll meet with friends too. Last night we went for some supper… as one does. A view during the stroll home. This morning I walked by two of the famous “Talking Statues”. … Read More

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