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ASK FATHER: My son’s best friend is Presbyterian

From a reader… My son asked me about his best friend a Presbyterian when I told him in response to his question that Presbyterians do not have confession do they not receive forgiveness for their sins do they have all the time. … Read More

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SWISS GUARD AMOUR PROJECT: New photos from the swearing in ceremony!

Today was the annual ceremony for the swearing in of the new Swiss Guards.   Imagine what goes through their minds as they swear, with their hands raised in the sign of the Most Holy Trinity, to protect the Roman … Read More

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More sacred art from Daniel Mitsui (Hint: A suggestion and COFFEE!)

Daniel Mitusi occasionally sends me new pieces of art which he has created. This time he sent me his Christo Gloria In Ecclesia.  For his site click HERE You may recall that his little daughter has spent quite a bit … Read More

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ACTION ITEM! “Officer Down!”

From a priest friend comes something that I think quite good. As you can see from https://odmd.wordpress.com/, Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Andrews, NC, is spearheading a dinner at which the heads of all law enforcement agencies in the region … Read More

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Priesthood ordinations up 24.7% this year

I have in the past mentioned the Opus Bono Sacerdotii which is dedicated to helping priests who are in trouble.   This is an organization which deserves support. That said, I saw a fine statistic on their Facebook page. 595 … Read More

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Funeral for… what?

No wonder the Church is struggling in Belgium. From Tradition in Action and Amor de la Verdad: Catholic funeral for a dog in Belgium It happened on April 22, 2015 in the city of Sambreville, Belgium, in St. Victor Church of Auvelais. [D. … Read More

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