D. Burlington – Brick by Brick in Vermont

I received news that in Vermont’s Diocese of Burlington, at Immaculate Conception Co-Cathedral, there will soon be regular offerings of Holy Mass according to the Roman Rite’s Extraordinary Form.

Bp. Christopher Coyne, often visible in social media such as Twitter, wrote recently to his flock about this move.  The bishop himself does not celebrate according to the Extraordinary Form… yet.  He should be invited to do so.  It isn’t all that hard with a good MC.  Everybody does all the work for you and, if you are patient, you are guided around.  Easy peasy.

His Excellency has posted observations about the Extraordinary Form.  HERE

Fr. Z kudos to Bp. Coyne and his flock.

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  1. jherforth says:

    We are very fortunate here in the Diocese of Rochester NY to have his Excellency Bishop Salvatore Matano here, as he was the formerly bishop of Burlington Vermont. I kept reading reports that those in Burlington were very worried when Bishop Matano was reassigned, but it sounds like the Diocese of Burlington is in great hands! Bishop Matano has done much to nurture the community attached to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. He has reopened a church and made the time of the Vetus Ordo much more accessible to those wishing to attend, well as nurturing the hermeneutics of continuity in the Novus Ordo in the earlier Mass in the same church. God Bless both of these wonderful bishops and their continued work!

  2. Chumly says:

    And thanks also to Fr. Brian O’Donnell. He’s been saying the old Mass and will be saying it at the co-cathedral.

  3. RobS says:

    From these very pages: https://wdtprs.com/2011/08/a-bishop-witnesses-priests-strange-mass-and-doubts-about-going-to-him-for-confession-subtitle-you-are-not-alone/

    It appears that Bishop Coyne’s attitude toward the TLM in 2011 was “people prefer it because it’s predictable.” I hope that in the intervening four years he has seen that people prefer it because it provides graces in abundance and is the Mass of Ages, not just as a sure way to avoid “All Are Welcome” and ringing the children around the altar at Consecration.

  4. Adam Welp says:

    Though I never had the chance to meet Bishop Coyne, I was glad to have him here in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis; First as Aux. Bishop under an ailing Archbishop Buechlein (please pray for him as he is still in poor health) then Administrator and again Aux. Bishop under Archbishop Tobin.

    I’m glad that he is spreading the EF Mass to the Co-Cathedral.

  5. Polycarpio says:

    RobS – I don’t know Bishop Coyne personally, but I know a lot about him second-hand and it is my strong sense that he is a man of genuine heart. I wouldn’t be hoping so much for his conversion as for my own purity and magnanimity.

  6. Gerard Plourde says:

    Like Bishop Coyne, I have great affection for the Ordinary Form. Each Form has its strengths and both are equally valid. It should also be noted that liturgical abuse can occur in both – a priest prior to the Second Vatican Council who could recite the Extraordinary Form flawlessly while thinking about what he was doing after Mass was over, while less obvious was no less abusive than the Ordinary Form priest who ad libs the prayers.

  7. Dialogos says:

    I was wrong about Bp. Coyne: after watching a video he did about the EF I got the impression he disliked the EF. This is one of those times I am happy to be wrong!

  8. rtrainque says:

    A slight correction, if I may: Mass will be at St. Joseph co-cathedral rather than Immaculate Conception. Word is that the basement chapel is being fixed up properly (with altar rails, etc) for the TLM!

  9. James says:

    My wife and I went to Mass (OF) at the Immaculate Conception co-cathedral a couple of weeks ago for Pentecost, and we were impressed by the reverence with which the Mass was said, e.g. incense, Roman Canon. We were a bit apprehensive, as it is a very modern looking building, especially on the outside. Thus, I’m not surprised that Bishop Coyne would provide a prominent home for the EF.

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