Krauthammer’s nun zinger

Speaking of Sr. Carol Keehan, whom Pres. Obama credits for getting ObamaTax passed (she gave cover to Catholic pols who could then vote for something that would promote abortion), Charles Krauthammer had a great line in his commentary the other night.  He was speaking about TSA and profiling.

Get this…

And he is right about the TSA and profiling.

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  1. bbmoe says:

    Oh, so true. I’m a middle-aged mom traveling with my 17 y/o daughter. It’s the middle of the afternoon and the security line was nil: just the two of us, really. We get through the check and an agent says to me, “Is that your bag?” Affirmative, so I was put through the whole 9 yards just because. There wasn’t anything in the bag, they just needed to search whatever *I* had to make it all official. I told my daughter to avert her eyes while I got The Search. The only jewelry I was wearing was a gold crucifix. A friend’s response, presumably from not-the-Onion’s TSA Training Manual: “Will Bomb for Jesus.”

  2. Giuseppe says:

    You never know what a middle aged nun has in her guitar case.

  3. Krauthammer and his acerbic wit. We here enjoy his commentary, as he bluntly says it like it is. Must have ‘humor sensors’ to understand him though.

  4. gramma10 says:


  5. Phil_NL says:

    Well, yes and no.

    While most terrorists are males in their 20s or 30s, older women are occasionally also used, as well as – if ever there was a sin crying out to Heaven – kids. It isn’t too hard, nor beyond the ‘principles’ of terrorists, to dress up as a nun. If they know what you’re looking for, and what you will avoid checking, they will adapt. So if you don’t check elderly nuns and toddlers, someday they’ll whip up a group of nun+ 5 kids, supposedly coming from an orphanage.

    The part where he gets it right though, is that a lot of the searches are merely done in order to eliminate the suggestion of profiling. Not to make flying safer, but to be more politically correct. And that breeds resentment too.

    Frankly, the only solution is to do what everyone seeks so desperately to avoid: profile. Make a risk-assessment, and while everyone can get checked, the probability to get checked for those with a higher risk based on the available information will be higher. Yes, that will lead to loads of “flying while muslim” crap, but it’s time we stop kidding ourselves.

    Either we have checks to ensure safety, or we don’t.

    And as for middle-aged, guitar bearing, non-habited nuns, put them all on the no-fly list. For esthetic reasons.

  6. yatzer says:

    I flew on El Al airline once. They profiled like crazy. It was also efficient and rational.
    Flying out of NY on Delta, I (north European descended grandmother) was put through the whole nine yards of luggage checking while travelers in full Islamic style getup strolled on by. I’m still ticked off.

  7. TopSully says:

    I loved the look on Juan Williams face when he said “those over 50 you can’t trust”. You’d think after all these years he would no longer be shocked by anything Dr Krauthammer says.

  8. Makemeaspark says:

    He should probably add nuns under thirty in full habits. You can’t fake the joy of the Lord on the faces of our Dominican sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist! They are the BEST. We have four in our former parish rectory NOW Convent! And I pray that as the doors of the mother-house in Ann Arbor Michigan cannot even shut, there are so many young women seeking to enter, they would send us more of the overflow!

  9. RichR says:

    Krauthammer is always a sane ray of hope in this schizophrenic world.

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