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We are obliged to RESIST! “Clear and emphatic opposition is a duty”


And then…

And now, thanks to donors for items from my Wish List and for your donations through subscription each month and through the PayPal button!

You keep me going.  You are all in my prayers as benefactors.

MC, DS, and VJWL sent some great stuff, including Z-Pak Dressings (I’m trying to create some super-compact, daily carry, emergency medicine pouches – just the right combo of elements but easily carried and concealed) and some CELOX First Aid Temporary Traumatic Wound Treatment (which will go into my travel pack).  Remember, my friends, “all bleeding stops!”  I’d like to be able to stop it a little sooner before another famous rule kicks in, that is, “death is a stable condition, too.” I also received some coffee maker descaler (because coffee sometimes replaces my blood), some printer ink thingies (and when are they not useful?), and a great rechargable drill/driver (for my jihad to become more holey)!  However, amazon put the wrong slip in the drill box.  I hadn’t listed on my wishlist any of Heather’s Tummy Teas – Organic Fennel Tea Bags.  Someone out there is probably doing some head scratching, and the slip about the electric drill.

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