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Do you have some good news?   It has been awhile since I brought up this question.


Let us know!

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  1. CruceSignati says:

    Some of my teenaged friends and I were able to attend the TLM in our diocese for the first time last Sunday. Father has been saying the Low Mass there since January, and attendance has been growing. The Mass itself was so astonishingly beautiful, with such reverence and silence. There was a Rosary prayed before Mass, and some hymns sung after Mass. Snacks had been laid out in the foyer following Mass and almost everyone stuck around for some fellowship (and brownies). I hope to go again soon with the rest of my family. Thanks be to God! :D

  2. russlem says:

    Yesterday our parish (St. Lawrence Martyr in Redondo Beach, CA) held the first mass for a priest who grew up in our parish. It felt like the entire parish was there, the pews bursting at the seams. People everywhere had tears in their eyes (although I’ll neither confirm nor deny that I did any such thing).

  3. Chris Garton-Zavesky says:

    Safely returned eldest son to Thomas Aquinas College (where he will be working this summer).

    Solemn High Mass this coming Thursday. Weather permitting, there will be a Procession after Mass.

    Jesus, Infant of Prague, continues to nourish our family.

  4. VexillaRegis says:

    My car repair today only cost 100 Dollars, not 5-600!
    Dear young son had three rotten splinters in his finger but I managed to get them out from above his cuticles whith a needle. We didn’t have to go to the hospital!
    Everything went well this weekend, thank you for your prayers! (YUPRS)

  5. Today I have been offered a job (6-month contract), which was desperately needed. The Lord cares. Thanks be to Him.

  6. Riddley says:

    Eight months ago today I first met my girlfriend, who’s a wonderful woman and a faithful Catholic. We’ve combined her trips to her Natural Fertility Awareness tutor with visiting the nearby FSSP parish for High Mass. A little over a year ago I was a new Catholic and didn’t know if I’d be able to meet anyone I could share the Faith with, and now God seems to be fitting everything into place for us both.

  7. yatzer says:

    I have 2 grandsons still in their respective wombs who are coming along well, and their respective mothers seem to have passed the initial nausea.

  8. emily13 says:

    The Oratory of Saint Philip Neri in Pittsburgh has a new deacon, ordained by Bishop Zubik during a beautiful Mass last Tuesday, the Feast of Saint Philip.

  9. quo vado says:

    On Twitter, Fr. Z once retweeted a status from the Acton Institute saying that there were still many scholarships available for Acton University. I got a travel scholarship. At first, I didn’t think I could go since there were other fees to pay. I also had to get a visa for the US, which in my country is notoriously difficult to get. By the grace of God and the prayers of the Blessed Lady, I got a visa, I found an affordable airfare, and in two weeks time, I’ll be flying for the first time to the States! Thank you for that retweet of yours, Father! I’m hoping I meet traditional priests there!

  10. Persistant says:

    Pope Francis is visiting Sarajevo this week and I’ll be attending with family and fellow parishioners. It’s a few hours ride from Croatia to Sarajevo but it’s well worth it to see the Holy Father and pray with him!

  11. benedetta says:

    My good news is that the Christian life, when tried, is never found boring.

    “The whole difference between a construction and a creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.” ~GKC

  12. Blaine says:

    I get promoted to Lieutenant Commander in the Navy Reserve this week. With a few things falling into place, I’ll be back in the cockpit in a month or so.

  13. The recently-ordained junior priest in our parish apparently learned how to offer Mass in the extraordinary form, and we will have it in our parish for the first time in ages (as far as I know) this month as part of a Forty Hours Devotion. I doubt that it will get to the regular schedule, though, as it would have to bump one of the existing Masses, all of which have a constituency. A serious attempt is being made to educate parishioners, however. Even if the extraordinary form Mass is a one-shot or reserved for special occasions, it is better than not having it at all, though, and I hope that it will have a beneficial effect on the Novus Ordo Masses.

    Bulletin link

  14. SanSan says:

    We have a beautiful holy priest that celebrates TLM at least once a week over on the coast from us… we’re able to take a nice drive, be with our Lord AND marvel at His creation the Pacific Ocean..

  15. ByzCath08 says:

    I begin my 4 year formation program for the Diaconate in the Byzantine Catholic church this month.

  16. andia says:


    I am going on a discernment “come and see” weekend in August.

    I will have almost all of my credit card debt ( from 4 years of being unemployed) paid off by that time

    We have had several rifts in my family healed since Christmas

    We have a new deacon at one of the churches I frequent-who is an amazing homilist

  17. IngridAiram says:

    Last Friday was my last day at work in four months: with a holliday this week and pregnancy-leave following. Our little one (our first) seems to be doing well and I myself seem to be having not too heavy a pregnancy. Now I hope to have some more time to focus on the coming birth. So anxious to finally meet our little one.

  18. JonPatrick says:

    The first anniversary of a young priest from our community who is favorably disposed toward the TLM and said his first Mass using that form, which I attended a year ago and still remember like it was yesterday. He can’t say the EF publicly at his current posting, but I have high hopes that this will change in the future.

  19. FloridaJoan says:

    we are expecting a gift from God – our 15th grandchild in late October – a boy.

    Pax et bonum

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