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Was there a good point you heard in the sermon for your Sunday Mass of obligation?


Let us know!

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  1. Sconnius says:

    Father spoke of many things relating to the Blessed Sacrament, but his conclusion was on how sad it is that only 30ish percent of Catholics these days believe in the Real Presence, how it is much more obvious that this belief is much stronger in his native India, and how this is part of his reason for having weekly adoration, which he also somewhat admonished the congregation for not attending.

    He then explained the Eucharistic procession that would happen at the end of Mass.

  2. Denis Crnkovic says:

    For the Feast of Corpus Christi, the good pastor reiterated that the most appropriate and most humbly way to receive the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ at Mass is kneeling and on the tongue.

  3. Supertradmum says:

    First Mass of a new priest…wonderful. He had the Corpus Christi procession with the Monstrance and Host after Mass and then, a shortened form of Benediction. The sermon, given by another priest, was in Spanish, so I only could follow every so many sentences, as the priest spoke very fast, but Transubstantiation was explained, as well as the idea of the priest as the alter Christus. The priest also said that the Sacrament of the Eucharist was, to him, the most important sacrament the priest could give, as anyone could baptize, and deacons could marry and bury.

    Another point was that we carry Christ out into the world after receiving Him worthily, and, amazingly, the priest said to receive worthily one should dress well (no jeans he said) and modestly.

    Bravo on all the accounts, which I could understand.

  4. Father preached on the Eucharistic miracles of Lanciano and Orvieto, and also on the great indifference that is out there today about miracles in general.

    I did the readings, and was very struck by the emphasis on blood.

  5. Mojoron says:

    Veneration and adoration of the Eucharist begins when we enter into the church prior to Mass. Think of God when walking up to receive Him, in your mind, before you receive Him in your hand (sorry).

  6. andia says:

    NO Masses: Saturday – it was about how preparation for the blessed sacarement starts before Mass, in Confession and beyond, how we should present ourselves and how our minds and hearts should be. Father David also spoke of how important it is to make sure we take time to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

    Sunday was a wonderful discussion on how we would greet Jesus if he walked into our churches- and that he comes to us, each and every day in holy Mass. Father Steve, also made the point that his parish is blessed to have a 24 hour/7 day week adoration chapel and we need to make use of it.

  7. jameeka says:

    OK, this is not exactly a “good point” but good connections, anyway. ( No sequence or procession)

    Feast of Corpus Christi.

    Pastor spoke an excellent sermon re: Sacrifice. How, in the days of the Baltimore catechism, Catholics were taught about Mass as Sacrifice, but after Vatican II the idea became more of Mass as a communal “meal” and younger Catholics may not even be aware of the Sacrificial nature of Mass.

    All the ancient cultures practiced some sort of sacrifice to their gods, in thanksgiving, in petition, and for atonement ( having union with..) One often knew where the Jewish temple was, because one could first smell the blood sacrifices.

    Then, the second reading from Hebrews was the central chapter of St Paul’s letter—Christ, as high priest , is the mediator of the new covenant, and no longer is sacrificing the blood of animals to God necessary

    Finally in the Gospel, the words of institution which Jesus speaks are clearly of sacrifice, words the disciples had already heard in the Mosaic context ( first reading): “This is the blood of the covenant which the Lord hath made with you”.

  8. DianeKor says:

    Audio of Fr. Perrone’s homily from the 9:30 a.m. Mass at Assumption Grotto is available for anyone who is interested. This was in the ordinary form since the Noon would have the EF Mass, followed by the Corpus Christi Procession.

  9. Militans says:

    I was at mass in Cairo. I attended mass in Sudanese (sermon was at least 45 minutes, I picked up some words but couldn’t get the wider gist of it), and then a later mass in English which had a 10 minute sermon on how the Eucharist wasn’t ‘just’ another sacrament and about finding Jesus in the poor, the prostitute etc – not just caring about the rich . Communion was by intinction (not self intinction).

    There was a lot more but I’m getting slightly confused because I was reading The Priest Is Not His Own before the mass so not sure what is Fulton Sheen and what is Fr Celebrant (Mexican Franciscan).

  10. Persistant says:

    Where I live we celebrated Corpus Christi on Thursday (with a Mass and beautiful procession), so this sunday was 10th sunday of the ordinary time. Our parish priest’s sermon focused on the first reading where Adam and Eve are making excuses for their sin, and even blaim God for it, and how we all often do the same. He also spoke that in the same way Jesus was accused of being the Devil in yesterday’s Gospel, the same is done today when Christians are called backwards, hateful etc.

  11. JonPatrick says:

    Mass to mark the end of an ACTS retreat so it was Ordinary Form rather than our usual EF. For the Jewish people the Passover event was not just something they remembered every year, it was made really present to them through the actions of the Passover rituals. In the same way for us Christ becomes really present through our Mass ritual and is not just a “remembrance” the way we usually understand that word.

  12. Jared Clark says:

    (Ordinary Form, Corpus Christi Mass). Father recalled a story a few weeks ago, when he asked the children who were receiving their first Holy Communion a few questions. When he asked “How do we know the bread and wine changes into His Body and Blood?”, one answered “Because Jesus said so.”

    He said that response was real faith in the True Presence and connected it to the Old Testament reading (“All that the LORD has said, we will heed and do.”) and the Last Supper Gospel.

    On a side note, we also sang the whole Lauda Sion!

  13. iPadre says:

    Talked about the power of Catholic Liturgy to touch souls. Gave the example of a door man in NYC during the Sacra Liturgia procession on Corpus Christi (Thursday). He saw us coming and said: “It has come back! It has returned!” A woman asked him what this was all about and he said: “Corpus Christi has returned. Jesus has come back!” This is why the renewal of the Sacred Liturgy of the Church and fidelity in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the key to the New Evangelization. Without a true reform of the Liturgy as mandated by Sacrosanctum Concilium, there will never be renewal of faith!

  14. Dr. Edward Peters says:

    It happened to be the first Mass of a parish son, and the homilist said “A priest is a sinner who is set apart to a serve other sinners.” Came off very nicely.

  15. Father spoke about the importance of the sacrament, and of the sacrifice, of the mass.

    He spoke about how the blessed sacrament should be our focus while we are in church. “The only conversation you should be having in here is with Him”.

    Finally to make his point more clear, he spoke of how he, as priest, is obligated to celebrate the mass exactly as the book says – adding nothing, omitting nothing. He had a very clear and to the point way of explaining it, but essentially he was saying:

    Say the Black – Do the Red!

  16. DavidJ says:

    One of our deacons gave a fantastic homily on the Eucharist. Mentioned the words “heresy” and “dogma” and was solid all around. I made sure to say I thought it was fantastic afterwards.

  17. maryctillotson says:

    Yesterday, our priest offered some perspective on the Real Presence:

    After the wedding, the bride gets in the back of the limo, and the best man presents her with a life-sized cardboard cutout of the groom.

    “Here,” he says. “Take this with you. When you look at it, you will be reminded that your husband gave his life to you today and has vowed to love and honor you for life. Enjoy your honeymoon!”

    Without actual presence, there’s really no point.

  18. Yes outstanding points made on the OF Mass Feast of Corpus Christi. In our west coast Archdiocese, we had to travel 3 hours for an OF mass to have a Corpus Christi procession and hear these words from the pulpit – that it’s OK for Catholics to pray in Latin and participate in ancient rituals such as the procession held that day. That people are permitted to receive communion standing, kneeling, in the hand, on the tongue, wear veils, and use Latin. And other such statements that any FAIR minded individual SHOULD find agreeable. Whether today Catholics do find them agreeable . . . this hope has flown where I live.

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