Something to amuse

Did you see the new Jurassic Park movie?  I… yawn… did.

This might amuse:

And then there’s this:

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  1. Kathleen10 says:

    The Vader one was better. But the commentary by the supposed creator of it, at the end, is obnoxious. I doubt you saw it.
    The youth culture is horrendously vulgar now. They don’t seem to find humor unless the talk is X-rated, then it’s funny. I am currently trying to broaden the horizons of some family teens right now by introducing them to classic film with actual plot and dialogue. Here’s hopin. If this works we’re on to art and music!

  2. tgarcia2 says:

    That Star Trek one was awesome. “Fire Photon Torpedoes!!” *jumping up and down* lol

  3. bbloomfield says:

    Does this 6 second YouTube video accurately sum up the plot as it claims to?

  4. Sconnius says:

    Father, you seem like the type of guy who would enjoy Cinema Sins.

  5. JuliB says:

    I thought the movie was good, but then again, I was only expecting a formulaic summer movie.

    I was thrilled when I saw the original TRex come to save the day again!

  6. The Masked Chicken says:

    Oh, please. With Dr. Who you can have dinosaurs and spaceships. In fact, there is an episode entitled, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, so, there…

    The Chicken

  7. alanphipps says:

    Chicken is right — Doctor Who bests both of these by a mile. In fact, it can reasonably be argued that Star Trek simply ripped off Whovian concepts (e.g. Borg is clearly a ripoff of the Cybermen).

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