Brick by Brick in Knoxville: 1st TLM of new priest!

And I don’t mean goldbrick, either.  From a long-time reader here comes this great story and great photos:

Having viewed images from time to time of first EF Masses in fancier places (like Madison), WDTPRS readers might see interest in one in a remote location like Knoxville off the beaten path:

Following his June 27 ordination in Knoxville (TN) by Bishop Richard F. Stika (Knoxville, TN), Fr. Michael Hendershott celebrated on June 28 at Knoxville’s Holy Ghost Church his first solemn high Mass in the extraordinary form, accompanied by the Knoxville Latin Mass Schola singing Mozart’s Missa Brevis in G. His first EF Mass was an especially significant event in the life of the Knoxville Latin Mass Community–as a high school student back in 2005, he was an altar server for our first Knoxville TLM under the indult granted by (then) Bishop Joseph E. Kurtz, now Archbishop of Louisville and President of the USCCB. Fr. John Orr, who celebrated that first EF Mass here, stood Sunday as the assistant priest at Fr. Hendershott’s side as he himself celebrated for the first time the traditional Latin Mass which he credits for his vocation. The deacon, subdeacon, and several priests attending in choro were fellow students of Fr. Hendershott’s during his years of study at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary (Philadelphia), Kenrick-Glennon Seminary (St. Louis), and finally at the Pontifical North American College in Rome. Photos by Roy Ehman of the Knoxville Latin Mass Community are posted


PS1. Our longtime KLMC photographer Roy Ehman, responsible from the beginning for the visual image of our community, appreciates inclusion of the credit line “Photos by Roy Ehman” (as in the description above) when his photos are shown.



Nice vestments.

Fr. Z kudos.  This is the true New Evangelization.

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  1. Supertradmum says:

    How absolutely beautiful! Liturgy envy…best wishes to the new priest.

  2. Kyle says:

    Attended this Mass on Sunday – Fr. Hendershott did a wonderful job, as did all of the celebrants and the choir!

  3. FL_Catholic says:

    God bless him in his ministry!

  4. RichR says:

    How special, on so many levels.

  5. acardnal says:

    I wonder if Henry knows how/where Fr. Hendershott learned the TLM.

    Agree. The vestments are gorgeous! And I always find the sub-deacon and deacon bowing from each end of the altar as they pray the second Confiteor a special moment.

    Thank you and congratulations, Fr. Hendershott.

  6. rodin says:

    That is really exciting. I wonder if Fr. Hendershott is any relation to Anne Hendershott, a good writer for a number of Catholic publications. I always read her articles.

  7. acardinal, as mentioned in the post, he served our first indult Mass here in Knoxville, and throughout the 10 years since then, he’s been continually involved with TLM communities (diocesan, ICK, and FSSP) both here and in the seminaries he’s attended, so he grew steadily as first a server, then an MC, and finally during the past year as a deacon. So I think with him it’s been a decade-long immersion process (in Latin as well as ritual per se), as opposed to the one-week cram course that some priests take to ostensibly “learn” the EF Mass.

  8. acardnal says:

    Thanks Henry.

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  10. Nathan says:

    Henry, not to detract one iota from the tremendously important role Fr Hendershott’s parents, priests, and bishops have played in helping him develop his priestly vocation, I really think you (and the laity/volunteers associated with the TLM in Knoxville) deserve high kudos for your years of work in the Lord’s vineyard that have resulted in the fruits of his ordination and his love of the Traditional Mass.

    I imagine that you worked pretty hard to get those altar boys together and trained back in 2005, and went the extra mile to support the priests who offered Holy Mass, didn’t you? God bless you and the whole community there in Knoxville.

    In Christ,

  11. Titus says:

    I haven’t been inside Holy Ghost in years and years, but I can recall it being a tremendously gorgeous church. I’m surprised that table altar isn’t moveable.

  12. Thank you, Nathan, for your generous comment, so kind and gracious (as always). What I remember chiefly from 2005 is the soreness left in my legs from genuflecting a thousand times (or so it seemed) with that first team of altar servers as we practiced during the preceding weeks for that first TLM here.

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