Minnesota: Extraordinary Form with preaching in Spanish

Brick by brick in Minnesota!

From a priest in my email:

This Friday, July 3, I will be offering Mass at 7pm at St. Mark’s -350 Atwood St, Shakopee -in the «Extraordinary Form» – also known as the Old Latin Mass, some think of it as the Pre-Vatican II Mass. I think of it as the Mass of full pews, convents and seminaries and the Mass of my ancestors…but I digress. It is at the normal time of our Spanish First Friday Mass so it will be a bilingual Spanish-English homily. All are welcome! We will have a guide for Mass but this time it will just be Spanish-Latin I believe. We will have an organist and I believe in the old calendar it is the Feast of St. Irenaeus.

Introibo ad altare Dei!

Do I hear an “Amen!”? The New Evangelization continues, one Mass at a time.

This is a project dear to my heart for these USA: Extraordinary Form and preaching, etc. also in Spanish.

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  1. DetJohn says:

    Spanish is the standard preaching language at 12:30pm mass at St. Anne in San Diego, CA

    St. Anne is an FSSP parish and all masses are in the “Extraordinary Form”

    I believe that St. Anne is located in a mostly Spanish speaking neighborhood.

  2. Fr. Z –

    If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you get to know the young priest (32) offering this Mass. I had the good fortune of attending college with him and attending his ordination a few years ago. When my family recently had lunch with him while attending an ordination for a mutual friend of ours, he made a big impression on my son. Two of his former college roommates have also become priests (which fascinates my son to no end), and he has made upstanding Catholics of many others. I can only hope my son grows up to be half the man this priest is.

  3. j says:

    Great news!
    We have had excellent experiences of “sharing” the E.F. Mass in a community with multiple languages. Even if the homily is not in someone’s native tongue, or is given bi-lingually, there is much less rancor (at least, if the translations of the Propers and Mass are available) than I have found in other bi- or tri- lingual communities. Since 90% of what happens is in Latin, no-one feels “cheated”. English parishioners don’t mind homilies in Spanish or Portuguese, or given twice, and vice versa.

    Much, much easier than with the Colloquial Mass (ie O.F. not in Latin)

  4. Giuseppe says:

    The Traditional Latin (American) Mass!

  5. Daniel W says:

    Why call a Church in San Diego, St Anne’s – Santa Anna makes much more sense in Latin America, and those who know their history realise that the regions ceded by Santanna are part of Latin America, its just a matter of time before some states go bilingual officially, as in Canada. I am all for moving the border back up to line up with the river Nueces any way – it would get rid of a lot of so-called illegal immigrants!

  6. Elizabeth D says:

    Daniel, I don’t know, but I can think of why a church in the heavily Hispanic place I grew up, San Antonio TX, wouldn’t be named Santa Anna. That was the name of the Mexican president/general who besieged the Alamo (is this the same Santanna you are referring to? I think it is and the Nueces River is in south Texas), the abandoned Catholic mission church in the middle of town that protestant American settlers used as a fortress while battling to wrest Texas away from Mexico. Santa Anna massacred them all. In Texas, at least when I was growing up General Santa Anna is the “enemy”. Of course, later in the Battle of San Jacinto (this is where the battle cry was “remember the Alamo!”) a far greater number of Santa Anna’s soldiers was massacred by the Texas settler forces.

  7. Tither says:

    Estuvo bien bonita la Misa. Gracias por mencionarla Padre Zeta :-) I have just a few pictures but let me know if you would like any.

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