ALERT! ‘Laudato si” now available in the Church’s official language

Do your best to suppress exuberant outbursts in your workplace cubicles!

I am informed that, months after its release, the encyclical Laudato si’ is now available in Latin.

Yes, the official version (that no one has yet quoted) is now on the Vatican website.  HERE

For your reading pleasure… here’s one paragraph:

55. Nonnullae Nationes paulatim magni ponderis prae se ferre possunt progressiones, auctas inspectiones efficaciores atque adversus corruptionem apertiorem dimicationem. Apud populos oecologicus sensus maior est, etiamsi non sufficit, ut perniciosi mores immodice consumendi mutentur, qui auferri non videntur, sed potius amplificari augerique. Quod accidit, ut unum tantum supponamus exemplum, per crebrum augescentemque usum atque vim instrumentorum aëri temperando: mercatus, quippe qui subitaneum beneficium persequantur, plus plusque quaesita concitant. Si quis extrarius mundi societatem inspiceret, prae tali agendi ratione obstupesceret, quae nonnumquam sui videtur nex.

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  1. sirmaab says:

    My Latin is rudimentary at best, and I’d need a few months! to get to the end; I now that the “Laudato Si” craze is over, I’m sure this won’t get too much attention.

    Is there any chance of someone reading through the Latin and annotating any notable distinctions between it and vernacular counterparts? I’d love such an analysis!

  2. dans0622 says:

    That’s cold, Father.

  3. Gregorius says:

    I’m pretty sure that whoever had to translate this whole thing received a plenary indulgence-worth of grace from the Lord for all that toil.

  4. Panterina says:

    Ah, the controversial paragraph about air conditioning! As expected, the English term for it is quite elegant. Absent sent Fr. Reginald Foster, who’s doing the Latin translations these days?

  5. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Thank you for the news and sample!

    As a fair Latin-style ignoramus, I wonder if Roger or Francis Bacon would more at home with it (or the sample’s content. come to that)?

    Some lovely words I don’t recall encountering…’nex’, ‘extrarius’… (If Andy Weir’s novel got translated into Latin like the Pooh and Potter books, might it be entitled, “Extrarius”?)

  6. Prayerful says:

    Does Fr Z consider to be good Latin?

  7. MouseTemplar says:

    In Latin or in English, Chapter 5, paragraph 175 still raises my hackles when it mentions ” organized international institutions empowered to impose sanctions”.

  8. Blaise says:

    Deo Gratias! I had feared, particularly since I have yet to see a Latin version of Evangelii Gaudium on the Vatican website or even in AAS, that the current Pope had dispensed with Latin for official documents.

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