Ite Catuli!

How about those Cubs?

They beat the Cardinals to advance another step toward the World Series.

That said, today is the anniversary of the infamous Bartman incident, when a fan interfered with an out, thus extended the enemy’s inning and leading to the Cubs getting knocked off.



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  1. Kathleen10 says:

    Forget about it, what about Texas and Toronto! Wow!

  2. remindme says:

    If the Cubs win anything (and according to Back to the Future Part II movie, 2015 is the year when it happens), we should all go to confession because it will be a sure sign that the end of the world is near!

  3. moconnor says:

    Go Cubs! Alou wasn’t going to catch that ball anyway. It will be sweet getting into the series by beating two hated teams. Complete redemption. Let’s play!

  4. bookworm says:

    “Ite Catuli”? Apparently you haven’t heard or seen the phrase “Eamus Catuli”, which started out as an apparent poke at the Cubs’ legacy of futility but has since been adopted as a rallying slogan:

    The slavishy literal translation of this phrase is “Let’s go, whelps” since there allegedly was no Latin word for “bear cubs”.

  5. bookworm: Apparently you haven’t heard or seen the phrase “Eamus Catuli”

    Au contraire! HERE

  6. pfreddys says:

    My Mets in 7!

    [Let’s say Cubs in 7. If the series goes long, I’ll may … may… have a chance to go to a WS game at Wrigley.]

  7. bookworm says:

    Oops…. Forgive me Father, for I failed to read the earlier post (back when the Cubs were still consistently losing). I predict Cubs in 6 and a Series vs. KC that will be epic….

  8. pfreddys says:

    If the Cubs should win, I will be jumping on their bandwagon.

  9. bookworm says:

    “If the series goes long, I may… may… have a chance to go to a WS game at Wrigley.”

    Not just a World Series game at Wrigley, which is mind-blowing in and of itself, but a World Series game in November (Games 6 and 7, to be played at the NL team’s home field, are scheduled for Nov. 3 and 4), that could concievably experience a snow delay — Chicago had measurable snow on Halloween last year:

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