ASK FATHER: TLM cancelled, pastor and bishop won’t respond. What to do?

I have received sundry questions about situations in which Traditional Latin Masses (Extraordinary Form), have been suddenly cancelled, without reasons, without dialogue, without recourse… no doubt in the name of the Mercy Pope Francis speaks of.

As you know, the law laid down by Benedict XVI in Summorum Pontificum protects lay people and priests in these situations and requires that pastors engage with them to come up with a satisfactory solution for their legitimate aspirations.

So… what to do when the local bishops is openly hostile or unresponsive?  What do to when the local priest turns on you (in Mercy)?  What to do when your correspondence to the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei disappears into the black hole… in Mercy?

Here’s an idea.  Be the maquis!

You don’t have to lie down and let your shepherds alternately ignore you and kick you.

Continue to build your coalition, your group, your coetus.

Expand your numbers and, therefore, economic clout.

Take the money you could then have been contributing to the parish (where the TLM was/should be) and buy a comfortable bus to provide transportation to the nearest parish/town with the TLM.   Be sure to paint

Trads on the Bus

on the side of the bus, along with Exiled Latin Mass Society of [fill in blank].

You might also modify the bus as did Aid to the Church in Need in some Eastern European places so that the side of the bus opens up with a beautifully appointed traditional altar where your “flying” priest might say Mass for you.

You might on certain feast days park the bus in front of the chancery.  If it should have external speakers, it could be a good idea to play Gregorian chant and Marian hymns.

¡Hagan lío!

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  1. Elizabeth D says:

    Sounds like a Fr Rick idea. Can the bus get me back to my territorial parish in time for 9am Catechism class?

    [On the other hand, there is no need for such a bus at St. Mary’s Pine Bluff.]

  2. 1jacobo5 says:

    Would it be licit to purchase one of the portable altars you’ve promoted in the past and invite your TLM community and priest to offer the Mass in a home? I would surmise that a room within the home should be specially designated for the divine worship – a spare bedroom/office perhaps.

  3. Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick says:

    Why should this tyrannical bishop and his diocese be shielded in anonymity?

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