My View For Awhile: Hurricane Dodging Edition


I’m on my way into the storm.

Of course no sooner do I get to the gate but we hear an announcement that there is a traffic flow slowdown due to rain.  Why they can’t push these notifications out a little earlier is beyond me.  So our departure is delayed by at least 30 minutes.  I expect it’ll be more than that in the end.

From the time I parked in the ramp to the time I sat down at the gate and posted this – less than 15 minutes.


Stuck a while longer.

At least a) these are battle hardened veteran travelers (No drama. No one trimming toenails.  Nobody fretting.) and b) I have good reading material on my Kindle.



 Reports tricking in of today’s presser.  Also, I’m watching giddy tweets from the usual suspects about the statement on the meeting Pope Francis and Kim Davis. “It wasn’t a real audience!”  I guess that means … I don’t know what that means.  They still met.

I didn’t read anywhere that the Pope met at all with Sr Gramick.  But had he, the usual suspects would have been cawing that the Pope was giving support to “gays” no matter what.


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  1. SanSan says:

    Safe trip Father Z. Into the Storm. May God help all those who try to tear down His Church–the Bride of Christ. May Our Blessed Mother’s mantle offer all the faithful protection and resolve.

  2. acardnal says:

    VIS has published Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri’s presentation on the synod. VIS also announced a new papal MC from Slovakia!

  3. wanda says:

    Safe travels, Fr. Z. Thankfully the hurricane is keeping further out over the Atlantic. Your travels remind me of the Johnny Cash tune about ‘I’ve been everywhere, man.’ Prayers for you and your intentions, as always.

  4. acricketchirps says:

    I honestly don’t think I could listen to, like, nine ricercars in a row. All that reaching (ricing) gets a bit much.

  5. SanSan says:

    Father Z…..hope you meet up with Michael Voris, Edward Petin, Cdl. Burke, Cdl Sarah and all of the staunch “holy” warriors of Holy Mother Church……give them my gratitude and love.

  6. YoungLatinMassGuy says:

    Vox Day may be very smart in many respects, but he is NOT a Christian.

    He denies the Trinity, and the Divinity of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    Words have to mean things. The word “Christian” has to mean something for it to matter. If you deny that Jesus Christ is Divine, then you are not a Christian.

    Vox Day is about as “Christian” as a “marriage” between two men is a “marriage”.

  7. MarcAnthony says:


    What does Vox Day being or not being a Christian have anything to do with his book “SJWs Always Lie”?

    It’s not like he’s reading “The Vox Day Mere Christianity”.

  8. jeffreyquick says:

    Yes, Vox Day is a heretic. But he was instrumental in my own conversion (and I’m NOT a heretic). And the book in question is important and useful, though there are some elements suggested therein that the Christian may/should well reject. Father is a big boy; I think he can protect himself from badthink.

  9. Sonshine135 says:

    I am in North Carolina, and even though the storm is not forecasted to hit us, we are going to be hit with 8 to 10 inches of rain this weekend. Please pray for the safety of those in North and South Carolina.

  10. LaramieHirsch says:

    YoungLatinMassGuy, I remember reading that blog post. While it is true that Vox Day is not a Catholic, sometimes I’d swear he was on the cusp of conversion. Many times, you will find him defending Western Civilization itself, and I think his book, SJWs Always Lie, will become a staple for understanding American political discourse for years to come. I will not be surprised to hear accounts of the book appearing in the reading lists of various college political courses in the near future.

    We should pray for Vox’s conversion to the One True Church. Should the day come when he is able to receive the literal body and blood of Christ, Himself, I assure you that Vox Day will prove to be a powerful ally and a champion of the Church.

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