NYC Day 3: Walk in the Park and Defeat of the Yankees

It was a lovely, relaxing day.

It was one of those days that you long for all year long.  Perfect blue sky, slight breeze, warm sun but hot hot.

I was on my way to the Met… as is my wont…

… arrived at the Met…

… had lunch… made a QSO via Echolink using my iPhone…

… looked into the shop while waiting for a friend (who was late… as usual)… and discovered this fine corpus which I think I may have to get and then have a cross made for it….

… and this which I now want for my altar….


… and thought… “What on earth am I doing inside on a day like this?”

So, it was back out into the sun and a stroll in Central Park…

This now rare stand of elms reminds me of the street I grew up in in S. Minneapolis.

Then, to check off an item on my To Do List, we stopped at St. Patrick’s to see the effects of the restoration.

Something the builders could not have foreseen in their wildest dreams was the play of light reflected from the surrounding buildings.

Who can tell me which saint this is?  Click for a larger version.

Look at that ridiculous chair.

Later in the evening I dined with another friend and an distinguished Italian gentleman who is deeply involved in the causes of saints.  So, it was back and forth in Italian and English all evening.

Finally, at the rectory I watched the Yankees get knocked out of the playoffs by the Astros.

Yesterday was a walk in the park.

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  1. germangreek says:

    St. Dominic, right?

  2. ajf1984 says:

    Is it St. Bernard of Clairvaux preaching a Crusade?

  3. introibo says:

    The altar doesn’t look right without the six candlesticks on it. What happened to the New Mass altar?

  4. truthfinder says:

    Am I terribly mistaken in thinking it’s St. Charles Lwanga?

  5. JimGB says:

    Introibo, the altar formerly in the front of the Sanctuary was one of the side altars, but was placed in the Sanctuary by the late Cardinal O’Connor. It was removed as part of the restoration and will be placed elsewhere in the Cathedral. Celebration of Mass was returned to the High Altar as it was for decades before. The altar candlesticks are on the side of the High Altar, but I agree that the altar would look better if they placed the six candlesticks on the altar itself. The High Altar was intended for ad orientem worship, since in that posture the celebrant faces due east.

  6. Titus says:

    Bernard is likely right: a Dominican would have his black scapular. The martial elements suggest a crusade, which St. Bernard preached. It’s not St. John Capistrano, who was a Franciscan.

  7. Aquinas Gal says:

    That’s St Bernard preaching the crusade, and the soldiers are eager to respond

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