NYC Day 4: Errands and BEER!

At the vibrant midtown parish Holy Innocents – where you can find the TLM every single day – people stop in to pray. Men… women… in suits… street people… young… old… anglos… hispanics… professionals… not so professional….

Devotions are respected.

That is just a sample.

Then… off to buy something.

I bought a chincy clerical shirt for way too much money at about the only clerical spot in Manhattan because – for the second trip in a row – I forgot to pack the right clothes.

I have, of course, my tactical clericals.  I needed a shirt for a suit.

Meanwhile, I saw that they were proffering some spiffy cassock variations.

And get an eyeful of these!  Not a black one in sight.

Then to the only ham radio store… but that can wait till Saturday.

Then, after a swift trip to a fragrance and perfume store to buy sacks of real frankincense, …


…I was off to the hat store.  I wanted a Homberg that I spied in the window.  I discovered that it was $300.  There were some others, too, but I think I should go back when I have had a haircut.  Right now I am hirsute.

This is Van the Hat Doctor.  He is enthusiastic.

Walking through the Tenderloin, I spotted this.  Did you know that there was a musical called Tenderloin?  I was in it.  I don’t remember a single tune.

Then, to my cigar store.

The young guy at the counter was very helpful.  He even found a box for some of my selections.  Do me a favor… click HERE and visit their site.

I love the old adverts still visible on buildings.

In memory of Fr. Judge.

Tonight there was a benefit at the New York Athletic Club for the Benedictine monks at Norcia.  HERE

They have a wonderful disc of Gregorian chant dedicated to Marian Feast Days.  BENEDICTA: Marian Chant from Norcia

There was beer!  They are famous for beer.  I had some interesting news about their beer too!  Stay tuned.

These, ladies and gents, are men.  Fr. Folsom and Fr. Nivakoff and fan.

With Catholic filmmaker James Morlino (a distant relation of the Extraordinary Ordinary).  Remember my review of the innovative film The War of the Vendée?  HERE

The main speak was Russ Douthat.   Will you do me a favor?  Say some prayers for him.  He is recovering from the horrible Lyme Disease.

Fr. Cassian in action.

Now, after the pleasure of watching the Yankees lose last night, I am watching the Cubs beat the Pirates like a drum.

On my phone via Slingbox.

With left overs from supper last night… life is good.


Sorry… not done yet.

I made my way to a place I remembered from my childhood, the Marshall Chess Club.  Once upon a time I was a rated player.  I did tournaments and the like.

Then, since chess has been on my mind lately, through Washington Square Park…

To the Chess Forum… an interesting shop.

A little time in Bryant Park (a great place for a halt in midtown), some men were playing Petanque!  I like to think of this as an onomatopoetic game.

And… I made a contact via Echolink.

So… yes.  Busy and satisfying days, with weather so beautiful you dream of it in the winter.

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  1. Peggy R says:

    The Cubs? What kind of human being roots for the Cubs? I can’t believe the Pirates are going down after such another fabulous season. (My huz is from The Burgh).

    I do not want to play the Cubs. I did not envy Pittsburgh playing them in a one-off.

    Go Cardinals! God’s team!

  2. Geoffrey says:

    Great post, Father. Makes me want to visit the Big Apple. I will definitely check out the Martinez site.

  3. bookworm says:

    A Cubs-Cards NLDS could be the greatest threat to Middle West peace in decades :-)

  4. DonL says:

    Ah, as a former chess man, may I ask how your bishops fit into your winning strategy?

  5. dinsdale says:

    After six months and 162 games, there’s a one-game “playoff”? Did baseball suddenly become football when I wasn’t paying attention?

  6. CPT TOM says:

    Father, The dear wife had to go to NYC for work so me and the little troops came along. Looks like your in and around where we’re staying, maybe perchance we bump into each other. Going to take the kids over to Holy Innocents on pilgrimage. Stay well and safe in the big City.

  7. Ellen says:

    I’ve never been to New York City, but I’d love to go some day. My boss was born and grew up in Manhattan before it became so expensive that middle class people can’t live there. I’ve often told her I’d love to see NYC and she always says “Why”?
    Pray for her. She has many health issues, most of which would be solved if she’d lose weight, but she won’t.

  8. acardnal says:

    It appears to me that Fr. Nivakoff may have been the subject of the album cover’s photograph! Beer, music, modeling, the TLM. What will these Benedictines think of next?

  9. mburduck says:

    Great post, Father. I was just up in NYC to see my dad (I left on Monday to return to TN). If you’re ever up there when I am, the beer and cigars are on me!


  10. Thunder Dan says:

    You’re killing me with the monks beer! I am a homebrewer and and avid fan of the craft. In fact, I am brewing my Christmas beer next weekend with a priest friend who has also become interested in brewing. (I ordered a copy of the Monks CD as a gift for him). I hope your teaser has to do with how we can patronize the Monks through buying their beer. What great Christmas gifts that would make! With all of the worries and dare I say, lunacy in the world and within our Holy Mother Church that seems to be going on these days, a hefty pint (or two) is some consolation.

  11. Titus says:

    I had some interesting news about their beer too!

    Surely, hopefully, may-we-pray, this means they have worked out an American distributor!

  12. Who gets to wear purple birettas?

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