WARNING: False, so-called “Latin Mass Society of the United States and Canada”

There is something out there called the “Latin Mass Society of the United States and Canada”.

Do NOT confuse this with the true and decades old and clean Latin Mass Society in the UK.

This so-called “Latin Mass Society” is at lmsociety.com   I provide the address not for you to go there to look, but to be informed.

I am entirely against this … thing… whatever it is.

I consider it creepy weird.

There seems to be a touch of the neo-nazi to it, including swastikas in its logo.


At the time of this writing there is, at the site, a defensive video featuring an explanation about their… thing.  Caption (I’m not making this up):

Published on Oct 26, 2015

Get the facts from Latin Mass Society Angel / Crown Maiden. World Class skating champion and aspiring Maxim model, [?!?] Cheyenne, officially responds to the Latin Mass Society FSSP hoax and promises safe, fun, fruitful and empowering modeling experience for young women and their families.

The woman defends even “Maxim” in the video.

As I said, this is downright creepy.

I am not allowing comments on this post.


See also 1 Peter 5 about this creepy thing.

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