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Are you readers able to see the mobile version of the blog on your phones?

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  1. SophiaGrace says:

    Yes! Thank you!

  2. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    Yes. It’s been a while.

  3. glennbcnu says:

    Yes for HTC Android.

  4. grayma says:

    Yes indeed

  5. fionam says:

    Yes. Chrome on Android.

  6. Elizabeth D says:

    My phone says

    1 2ABC 3 DEF
    4 GHI 5 JKL 6 MNO
    7 PQRS 8TUV 9 WXYZ
    *TONE 0OPER #

  7. msouth85 says:


  8. Siculum says:

    Yes, better than ever. Firefox on Android.

  9. netproportions says:

    Works on mine

  10. DanW says:

    Yes, very nice

  11. AlexandraNW says:

    Yes! I like the blue color better. iOS 9.

  12. Chatto says:

    Yep, although the link text is now blue, rather than purple. Don’t know if that’s of significance.

  13. roma247 says:

    Elizabeth D:

    Hey! Me too! That’s amazing! We must have the same phone!


  14. MrsMacD says:

    Yes safari on i phone – and with a new blue text

  15. fishonthehill says:

    Five by five.

  16. Mariana2 says:

    Certainly. Android, Chrome.

  17. Adaquano says:

    Yes I am

  18. mysticalrose says:

    Yes! iPhone.

  19. AM says:

    Yep. Liking the blue.

    -a proud BB10 user

  20. Vincent says:

    Yes! IE on Windows Phone… (have to be different!)

    However, when commenting, I can’t go back and edit things without deleting everything to the point I need to change (I.e. Can’t move the cursor back). Don’t know if this is something that’s easy to fix – my instinct is that it’s probably an Internet Explorer bug…

  21. frahobbit says:

    Yes on android , chrome

  22. Gregg the Obscure says:

    Poyfecktley on Android/chrome

  23. orlandocruz says:


  24. TWF says:

    Yes. iPhone.

  25. trespinos says:

    Yes, and on my Windows phone and IE there is no problem editing.

    My preference is not to use the mobile view, however.

  26. jaykay says:

    Yes, Father, thanks for that. Windows phone.

  27. pattif says:

    Yes – Chrome on Samsung Android.

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