Thanksgiving and Advent.. it’s COFFEE time!

In these USA, Thanksgiving Day is coming up fast.  After that, Advent will be upon us.

You may have need for both hostess gifts when you are invited to people’s homes for Thanksgiving.  You may have need for small gifts for office events or stocking stuffers.

Remember… Mystic Monk Coffee.  

You could give people 5 lbs bags, of course.  Everyone would be happy if you did.  The Carmelites in Wyoming would be happy.  They are building their monastery from this coffee.  The recipients would be happy.  They’d think of you with every cup.  I’d be happy, knowing that you were happy … ehem… and because I get a percentage of the sale.  And, having sparked all this happiness you would be happy too.

Everyone’s happy!  See how easy this is?

And there is the spiritual component as well.   Be sharp for your examination of conscience before you GO TO CONFESSION.

Alternately, you might try the Sampler Page and get a passel o’ little packets of coffee, just 2 oz. each.  They have four different 9 pack sample options and one 30 pack.  (Go for the 30… just do it.)

Also, you are going to need lots of coffee for your own entertaining.

They also have Teas.

Order now.  Get it in time.

Mystic Monk Coffee!  It’s swell!


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