HEART WATCH! DAY 3: His Hermeneuticalness’ Health UPDATE

15_12_19_heart_watchHere is your HHH UPDATE for Day 3 of…


Fr. Finigan is in the hospital after a
“Minor Cardiac Episode.”

“Minor”?  Pffft.  What’s that?  Minor, perhaps in that it could have been worse, but there’s no “minor: when it comes to the ticker.

His Hermeneuticalness is bored, but brilliantly so.

He is at present struggling with The Mindray.

It’s presence in his life seems to have presented a number of … how shall we call them… challenges.

I’m confident that, Dante like, he shall on the other side emerge to see the stars.

What shall become of Fr. Finigan and the Mindray?

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  1. Grateful to be Catholic says:

    This is truly an opportunity for the New Evangelization. Having obtained the Mindray user manual, HH can begin preaching the Gospel of Liberation to countless hapless patients hooked up around the world. I have no doubt that he will shortly be tweeting the exact sequence of button pushes that will send the Mindrays into useless paroxysms, causing them all to be unhooked and their former victims mobilised. At the very least we now know that the handles can be knocked off.

    Hermeneutics forever!

  2. benedetta says:

    What a fantastic homeschooling opportunity this could be — to download the brain of Fr. Finigan! For the sake of science…and a few other aspirations as well.

    [I just had an image of … Davros. HERMENEUTICATE! HERMENEUTICATE!]

  3. Paulo says:

    All this talk of being hooked to machines reminds me of … The Matrix (The Best Sci-Fi flick **evuh**)! Of course, it is plausible that Mindray International is just the first step in the colonization process. Hmmm, the idea of hacking into it and uploading the IBreviary app doesn’t sound so bad now.

    Godspeed, Fr, Finigan!

  4. Kathleen10 says:

    Fr. Finigan, God be with you dear. I’m sure you’ll be fine. People have heart episodes, make some adjustments, and end up being the healthiest one in the room.

  5. St. John of God is known as the “Heart Saint”. I ask his intercession in Father Finigan’s case.

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