HEART WATCH! DAY 5: His Hermeneuticalness’ Health UPDATE

15_12_19_heart_watchHere is your HHH UPDATE for Day 5 of…


Fr. Finigan is in the hospital after a
“Minor Cardiac Episode.”

I had a note from Father, liberated from THE MINDRAY, saying that he is now dealing with something else…  THE PROTOCAL.

 “The Protocol”, another hospital thing that currently has an impact on my life.

Ex valle umbrae mortis

And I saw this on Twitter:



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  1. Paulo says:

    “Woe to those who do not follow The Protocol” (I am sure this line can be found in the Handbook of Compliance, a mythical manual that health care professionals keep hidden behind well locked doors).

    Praying for a speed recovery!

  2. Fr. Finigan will be in my prayers. I had a minor heart attack in November 1992, so I empathize with his circumstance.
    Keith Töpfer

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