My View For Awhile: Knickerbocker Edition

I’m off.  It is odd … I haven’t been on an airplane for about a month.

It’s like falling off a bicycle though.  

These super early flights have some advantages.   

At this hour, with the exception of a boy about 7 years old, this is a sedate crowd.


This is a little different.




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  1. SophiaGrace says:

    Prayers for safe, uneventful travels… And a fruitful trip.

  2. cregduff says:

    Welcome back to NYC where the weather is a balmy 54 degrees at this hour

  3. Welcome back to the right coast. Nothing like NYC in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Even with all the commercialization…there is a special ‘feeling’ of the city at this time.

    Be safe, be aware, and may God be with you.

  4. The church in the photo with the taxi is St. Raphael’s in Greenpoint.

  5. mburduck says:

    I recognized that shot from the Long Island Expressway as you near the Midtown Tunnel! I’m born and raised in Queens.

    I’ll be up there in two weeks to see my dad. Too bad we can’t be up there at the same time. The beers and cigars would be my treat!


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