NYC Day 5 – Borscht

It has been another beautiful day in NYC.  I’ve been out and about in a short sleeved shirt while the New Yorkers have winter coats and jackets.  What’s with that?  It was 63F!

I try to get to a Ukrainian place during each visit.  This is Christmas Borscht with little mushroom dumplings.  This is eerily addictive.


My friend had a dessert of which I had only a taste.  It was a kind of pudding of grains, raisins, nuts, poppy seeds and honey called Kutya.  Interesting.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ll need to eat much tonight.

Then we walked up to peek into Rolf’s which is decorated – over the top decorated for Christmas year round.

Subway signs are not as interesting in NYC as they are in Tokyo.

Compare and contrast.


I’m just sayin’… right?

The interior of St. Agnes near Grand Central Terminal.  Exposition!  Nice.

I like the light here during the afternoon in the winter (calendar winter at least).

Anyway, it was a relatively quiet day.  I had some writing to do for the UK’s Catholic Herald and some reading to get done and lots of email to catch up on.

Tonight I’ll stay in and watch the GOP debate.  Tomorrow… road trip!

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  1. JMGriffing says:

    Kutya is related to the Greek koliva, a wheat dish used primarily at memorial services for the departed. It calls to mind, “Unless a kernel of wheat fall to the ground…” The Slavic traditions use kutya the same way, but I know there are variations I can’t speak to.

  2. Charivari Rob says:

    Hey, Father – do they still have the Printers’ Mass at Saint Agnes?

  3. NBW says:

    Great pictures Father!

  4. yatzer says:

    I have never figured out what borscht is, except that it involves beets in some sort of liquid.

  5. oldconvert says:

    It has been 59°F here on the south coast of England, there are spring flowers out, insects flying around – this is ridiculous!

  6. Mary Jane says:

    It’s still morning here but wow that Borscht looks yummy!

  7. AGA says:

    The pudding reminds me of Turkish Ashure. It seems very similar and may share the same tradition.

    Ashure has pre-Islamic origins and is said to have been created by Noah on Mount Ararat after the Flood receded.

  8. frahobbit says:

    It looks like Veselka! My favorite place in Little Ukraine. St George’s Ukrainian Catholic Church is on East 7th Street. Beautiful icons!

  9. fishonthehill says:

    MMMM! Borscht.

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