NYC Days 2-4: Fundraiser, pinks, and dumplings

I have been super busy in the last few days with little time to post. The other day I attended a fundraiser, which was one of the reasons for my trip.

After the fundraiser, it being Friday and all, we went out as a group for soup and grilled cheese sandwiches!  Mine had gruyere.

The liturgical life of the always vibrant parish of Holy Innocents continues apace.  Here is Benediction before Mass.

There are many statues and people from across the whole globe come in to pray.  Great attention was given to Our Lady on the Feast of OL of Guadalupe.

As a nice touch we blessed hundreds of roses and distributed them to people after the Solemn Mass.

My trips to NYC would not be complete without at least one visit to the mighty Pastrami Queen!

Since it was Hanukkah we had potato pancakes and apple sauce.

I split a pastrami on rye.  They are too big for me if I also want to eat something later in the day.

We then headed to the Met.  One of our group was keen to see this year’s Christmas Tree.  Speaking of eating, here is Ugolino by Carpeaux.

During the winter, I like to visit the two wings of the Met in the evening when it is dark.  There is a different light in the space.

Here is the American Wing.  It is nice to sit on the edge and take it in.  There is also a little “cafe” of sorts along the windows.  It give you sense of being on the edge of piazza.

There are always fantastic flower arrangements in the main lobby.  I think these are gardenia.

This is a little dark, but on some feasts I have dessert.  I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but occasionally they are welcome.

There are wide differences between the roses or pinks used on Gaudete Sunday.  Here are a few examples.  The one on the right (sorry… the color in this pic is a little dark) is a good rosacea.  The middle one?  Not so much.

And again.

Last night we headed to Queens for Chinese!

Shredded potato and chile peppers.

Xiao long bao… hands down the best I have ever had.  We had two varieties, pork and pork with crab.

Pan fried noodles with beef and scallions.

Lion’s Head Meatball…more like meat loaf, with baby bok choy.


Today I am catching up on writing projects and blog stuff.   Mass, later, and supper with friends.

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  1. Stephanus83 says:

    Father, I really enjoy the posts about your daily activities in the city. I’ll be in New York in a few weeks for the New York Encounter and I’ve added a visit to Holy Innocents to my itenerary because of your frequent mention of it.

    BTW, if any blog readers reside in New York and don’t know about the New York Encounter, it is a free event the weekend of 15-17 January hosted by Communion & Liberation. It’s kind of a miniature Rimini Meeting.

  2. pvmkmyer says:

    Looks like a great trip, Father. Great minds think alike. After my daughters finished singing “Messiah” yesterday the family headed over to our favorite Jewish deli for the last night of Hannukah and shared latkes and pastrami sandwiches.

  3. Mariana2 says:

    I’m green with envy at Chinese food. Here (Scandinavia) all Chinese restaurants serve the same standard stuff, and the owners don’t speak a word of any language but their own, so you can’t even ask for something you know is good. I remember with respect a Jewish deli in Miami.

  4. Grabski says:

    Is there a “formal” color for Advent/Lent purple, as there is rosacea for Gaudete/Laetare?

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