POLL: Gaudete Sunday Vestments

Yesterday was Gaudete Sunday.  In the Roman, Latin Rite we could wear Rose vestments for Holy Mass and for celebration of the Hours.

What color were the vestments you saw this year?

For my Roman Rite 'Gaudete' Sunday Mass of Obligation I saw vestments of

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  1. RobS says:

    Rose here, and I think I’m going to spearhead an initiative to buy new rose vestments for our parish. These ones looked like they were made from curtains obtained from a circa 1991 Holiday Inn banquet hall.

    I know they’re only used for two Sundays out of the year, and so the white/green/purple are prioritized when money is tight, but yeesh.

  2. At the E.F., yes we saw rose. But generally, our area priests use rose at the O.F. as well.

  3. Austin says:

    The parish of my children’s school has some admittedly rather nasty vestments in a bubblegum pink which they have always worn on the rose Sundays. The new modernist-leaning pastor, however, wore the mod polyestery violets yesterday. When I asked why, I was told that the rose set was “too heavy.” I suspect an allergy to anything traditional would have been a more honest answer.

  4. Mike says:

    Violet Roman chasuble, maniple, and chalice veil for Traditional Latin Mass in a non-affluent one-priest parish. Rose vestments are surely on Father’s wish list. However, I suspect there are several items nearer the top at the moment, such as the recruitment of schola members for the midnight Mass Dominus dixit. (That’s more difficult in the nation’s capital than in most cities, because here almost everyone goes out of town for the holidays.)

  5. Adaquano says:

    OF and our pastor wore pink. Always very pretty

  6. Adaquano says:

    Sorry I meant rose

  7. ChrisJ says:

    Purple vestments at our parish, but we’re relatively new, so I’m sure rose vestments are somewhere down the list past paying the mortgage. Our pastor did a great job of explaining Gaudete Sunday in his homily, though, including the use of the color rose.

  8. mysticalrose says:

    Rose chasuble and chalice veil at my OF parish, but the altar cloth and tabernacle veil were purple.

  9. ChesterFrank says:

    Rose vestments with a coordinated violet outer stole?

  10. LB236 says:

    On Saturday evening, we had a visiting priest I had never seen before. Just before Mass, he made his way to the foot of the sanctuary and proceeded to explain to the congregation that because that day was also the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, he was wearing a white chasuble with her image on the front—but not to worry! There was a large rose on the back, so it was all good.

    Apparently, I caused a scandal after Mass by commenting to our supposed-director of liturgical worship that I didn’t know we were having Mass for Our Lady of Guadalupe. I was immediately met with a furious cry of “you don’t criticize!” So apparently, liturgical law is whatever we want it to be. Good to know, as well as to know that I’m now in the class of the hated Pharisees for daring to expect liturgical law to be followed.

  11. Gregg the Obscure says:

    This was our pastors 42d year to celebrate Gaudete Sunday and the first time he had ever worn rose vestments. A parishioner contributed them quite recently.

  12. Imrahil says:

    I was at two masses and saw rose for the EF and purple for the OF.

    Dear LB236,

    it seems your celebrant or the worship director was (somewhat) in the right, given that (as Dr Peter never ceases to point out), a priest can celebrate on a Saturday evening whichever it is licit to celebrate on Saturday morning (still fulfilling the obligation for attenders). Provided, of course, that the Mass he celebrated actually was of the feast^^… and of course he had better not have taken your question for a criticism and shouted you down, but that’s clear in any case.

    For that matter, I was in an EF Rorate Mass on Saturday evening… with… I’m just reporting… blue vestments^^ (with a somewhat dominant golden embroidery).

  13. LB236 says:


    Sorry if I wasn’t clear. It wasn’t the Mass of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Mass was an anticipated Mass of the Third Sunday of Advent, with the readings and orations being from that Mass. Thus he should have been wearing violet or rose vestments, not a white chasuble with a rose on the back. It was especially distressing, since he brought his own vestments—that chasuble doesn’t belong to the parish—and went in front of the congregation before Mass and basically said, “Even though I’m supposed to wear rose vestments, I know better, and I want to wear this one, but I can justify it because, even though the base fabric is white, it has a rose on the back.”

    We actually have a nice rose chasuble and stole in our sacristy, so there was no excuse for him doing this unless he wanted to project his personality onto the Mass. I would have been unhappy had our parish priest done this, but for a visiting priest to come in and display this type of arrogance was what really upset me.

  14. Imrahil says:

    Ah yes, well then I’m sorry that I misunderstood you.

    Nevertheless, I’m fairly used to it that visiting priests do as they would at home; so if you do want to ponder “what is, of two bad things, worse? if a visiting priest does it or if the parish priest does it”, I would, in fact, decidedly choose the second.

  15. majuscule says:

    OF Mass. The priest travels from another church, he uses the vestments we have which do not include rose. He wore violet.

    However one of our priests always brings his own chasuble and he does have rose. But we did not have him for our Mass on Sunday. I’m sure he did wear rose for his two Masses at the other church!

  16. aviva meriam says:

    The priest and deacon wore violet…. because, as he explained, the rose vestments owned by the parish were hideous.

    Maybe, just maybe, the parish needs to invest in new Rose Vestments.

  17. frjim4321 says:

    Violet, as it’s an entirely acceptable option and frankly pink is not a very masculine color in our culture.

    [As I’ve presented many times on this blog, the true color of “rose” is not pink. However, some of us are comfortable enough in our masculinity to wear pink with confidence… and look good doing it.]

  18. Thom says:

    Ordinary Form and rose vestments.

  19. frjim4321 says:

    [As I’ve presented many times on this blog, the true color of “rose” is not pink. However, some of us are comfortable enough in our masculinity to wear pink with confidence… and look good doing it.]

    Or as my nephew’s pink t-shirt states, ‘Tough enough to wear pink.’

    I had a pink tie once, it was pretty spectacular, but with a brown suit.

  20. andia says:

    Rose at both Masses and at Lessons and Carols. It was great to see!

  21. keithp says:


    Unfortunately, it was hard to not be confused about Gaudete Sunday as the priest made comments about… It was also, evidently, a young 15 YO mexican girls birthday, too. So, naturally, we heard “Quinceanera”at the start of Mass, lighting of the Quinceanera (errr. advent) candle, bringing up of the gifts, intercessory and “dismissal”. Naturally, there was plenty of applause to celebrate Quinceanera Sunday!

  22. VeritasVereVincet says:

    Had to vote other. 4 PM Saturday, Father wore the navy my church annoyingly uses for Advent. 6 PM Sunday, he wore rose. I suspect the other priest wore violet or rose at the other two Masses.

    A very audible “yessssssss” escaped my mouth when I saw him wearing the rose.

  23. Kathleen10 says:

    For the first time that we can recall, we have a priest offering the Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form IN OUR AREA. We have been attending for a few weeks now, and there is no going back to the NO as a steady diet. We found out about this Mass in the EF by accident. It has been going on for a year, with no mention in our church bulletin despite it being offered in one of our community’s member churches. Why is the Latin Rite treated so.
    And father wore Rose vestments and the chalice veil was Rose as well.

  24. (X)MCCLXIII says:

    Rose, as always.

    Furthermore, there was a rose rose in flower outside the church, this Gaudete Sunday as last. One difference was that I remembered to take a photo this year. Sadly, another difference was, our having had a lot of rain these last few weeks and the first proper frost the night before, the rose looked a little sad yesterday.

    Still, a rose rose in flower outside the church in mid-December. (Right outside the door.) Somebody chose well.

  25. (X)MCCLXIII says:

    Apropos of wearing “pink”: I never do it myself. It doesn’t suit my complexion.

    But I notice that both Stade Français and Talinn Rugby Clubs play in pink.

  26. Veritatis Splendor says:

    Purple for me. I mentioned it to Father. Apparently our parish does not own rose vestments, something which I would like to remedy if I could find enough money to either purchase fabric to make a set or to purchase the vestments straight out. I wonder which would be less expensive.

  27. Wiktor says:

    I was happy to see proper rose vestments, instead of last year’s HOT PINK.

    And there was rose altar frontal too!

  28. jaykay says:

    Rose, a new set acquired 2 years ago. And Father explained the significance very well, because with the choir singing Veni Emmanuel as the entry the “rejoice/gaudete” verse wasn’t recited.

  29. Gaz says:

    I was returning from holidays so arrived too late for Mass at my local church where there are some faded violet which are actually quite beautiful. Got to Mass celebrated by His Lordship at the Cathedral where he opened the door of mercy in violet cope. 2 priests in alb & stole. For Mass, all 3 wore Rose vestments (not matching but nevertheless a great effort).

  30. Gentillylace says:

    I attended two Masses and one Melkite Divine Liturgy on Gaudete Sunday. At the two Masses (9 AM and 5:30 PM — one was a Mass in memory of my father on the first anniversary of his death, and I was reading at the other Mass), the priests and deacons (deacons gave the homily at the Masses that Sunday, and I heard two of the three deacons of my parish give homilies) wore very nice rose vestments. At the Melkite Divine Liturgy (11 AM — I was in the Orthodox Church for 13 years as a young woman, and still like to attend Eastern Catholic Divine Liturgies once or twice a month), the priest and deacon wore traditional Eastern vestments embroidered in metallic gold thread.

  31. Humphrey Pritchard says:

    Rose vestments at the Oxford University chaplaincy for the first time, with some violet trim.

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