Thief with a gun in a Milwaukee parish church

In a church in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, a man attempted to steal a couple purses, said he had a gun, and was taken down by an off-duty police officer.   HERE


Capt. Adlam said the robbery “would appear to be a drug-related issue” and praised the efforts of Det. Levenhagen and the parishioners at St. Dominic. He emphasized that, while such occurrences are not commonplace, it serves as a warning to citizens to be vigilant of their personal property and safety no matter where they are.

“As much as we want to think we’re all safe and everything is wonderful at church, you do have to keep an eye on your personal belongings. There are people out there that will target even a church,” he said.


Fr. Hudziak was eager to end what had turned out to be a rather dramatic liturgy on a light note.

“I said to the people at the end, ‘You know, things are really well-organized here at St. Dominic – look at the time, in a little less than an hour we had a baptism, a Mass and a foiled robbery.’”

I’ll wager that the thief thought that the church was a “gun-free zone”, which is one reason why he chose it for his predation on easy pickings.

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  1. acricketchirps says:

    Reminds me of the one about the fellow who goes to church to steal a hat and is dissuaded by the pastor’s powerful homily on “The Ten Commandments.”

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