My View For Awhile: Breakfast Edition

Having offered the Most August Sacrifice this morning, I’m off again, straight to the aerodrome.

Virtually everyone at this airport is gathered at my gate.

Oh the excitement.

Where I’m sitting now, I can hear 3 languages.  The really loud one behind me is surely Russian – or in part Russian.   My  Ruski yazik was a looooong time ago, but I am picking up bits.  They’ve been talking about Khazaksan, but I doubt about Bp Schneider.

Next leg.

The fountain at DTW is really fun.

On Sundays, the clubs at the end of the long A concourse don’t open until 1:30.  No doubt they wanted all their employees to go to Mass in the morning.   Having arrived with the unlocking of the doors, I found the place pristine…. which is a little strange.

Emulating a frequent traveling companion, whose blood I think flows in part coffee, this would be 2 double shots of espresso.

Ah, the opulence.

There are upgrades going on all the time.  There was something a little ominous out side the restroom.

Okay… you you can select your language.  So what.

Try to guess what I think removing hard, concrete signs from the doors of the restrooms paves the way for.  Just guess.

Next leg starts in Delta “Comfort”.

Ah! Delta!

Comfort… Redefined™

Someone nearby hasn’t bathed for a while.



We landed softly.

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  1. PostCatholic says:

    Welcome to Washington. May your trip here be more pleasant than your travel here. But if not, may our town provide you with plenty to complain about, because after all, that’s what we do best.

  2. SanSan says:

    Father Z, your so funny! Thanks for the chuckles.

    Our beautiful sermon today at the very Traditional Mass @ Star of the Sea Church in San Francisco, was all about the the JOY given to us by the Holy Spirit. We receive JOY, yes the tears of Holy JOY flowed during the beautiful Latin Mass and exceptional latin choir, that raise the soul to the highest degree– especially after the one hour ride getting to mass because of the numerous roadblocks set up for the Bay to Breakers “narcissistic” display of human degradation, that only SF inhabitants can display.

    From despondency to JOY within one hour. Thank you, Holy Spirit!

  3. With the onset of malleable rest room signs, public demand will eventually result in a card reader next to the sign. You swipe your card, and the sign changes to a picture of you until you swipe out. That will resolve all disputes.

  4. Charles E Flynn says:

    Surely, the hard, concrete signs for the restrooms were removed to make way for Latin (Viri?).

  5. graytown says:

    Love the terminal structure at Reagan National.
    Runways are a kind of short though.

  6. PostCatholic says:

    With respect to the restroom anxiety debate, I direct your attention to the Braille and English brass plaque affixed on the screen at the bottom. I’m aware brass is not concrete, but its malleability is insufficient to the worry you raise.

  7. Mike says:

    You’re in DC! Welcome!!! Our weather is great today!

  8. The weather could not be nicer! It’s gorgeous outside.

  9. Mike says:

    If you’re going to the Catholic Prayer Breakfast, enjoy! I think my daughter’s school choir will be singing at the Mass.

  10. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Last photo: Airport Gothic? (A descendant of Railway Terminal Gothic?)

    Nice to see another Grown Man who travels with ‘wipes’! (Sometimes, hand sanitizer is not enough!)

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