26 July: Canon Law Conference – Speculum Iustitiae

To begin, for the readers of the Fishwrap, I’ll lead off with this.

Buy this book now… HERE (UK HERE).

And now the real thing.

Each summer, His Eminence Raymond Card. Burke organizes a conference for canon and civil lawyers.  The presentations are always good.

So is the break food… homemade blueberry bars.

And then there were these cheesy things.

Still warm from the oven.  But I digress.

Cardinal Burke’s talk was about “Discipline and Doctrine: Law in the Service of Truth and Love.”

He got into some of the sloppy language in use today and attempts to pit “mercy” against “justice”, being “pastoral’ as opposed to observing the law.

Break time.

Next we had a talk by the President of Franciscan University, Sean O. Sheridan, TOR, “The Role of Academic Freedom at a Catholic University.

Of course he spoke about the second most ignored document in the history of the Church, Ex code Ecclesiae.

The Holy Door of the Basilica for the Year of Mercy.

Note the set up on the altar.

More later.

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  1. bombcar says:

    That altar looks suspiciously ad orientem.

    I also wonder if the baldachin is whya therea noa beena popea witha bearda sincea Innocent XII.

  2. TimG says:

    May God bless all at this wonderful conference. My family and I had the opportunity to go to Mass at the Shrine while Cdl Burke was in town a few years ago and it was fantastic. The picture of our family with him after Mass will always be my all time favorite.

    As an aside….will you be offering some of the talks to the faithful via Podcast? :)

  3. Joseph-Mary says:

    Ah, the beautiful Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Lacrosse! I had the pleasure of visiting there this spring. It is worth the stop! It is also staffed by the Franciscans of the Immaculate. There is a TLM there every Sunday…

  4. iPadre says:

    Definitely have to get this book, he’s one of my heroes.

    I love the picture of the front of the book: “Cardinal Burke Hope for the world.” He sure does give many of us hope.

  5. jameeka says:

    Epitome of coolness—bringing your brand new ad orientem coffee mug!

  6. acardnal says:

    I’ve been to this basilica and highly recommend everyone visit.

    I love the HUGE crucifix on the conference room wall! Every home AND church should have one.

  7. I met Fr. Sheridan when my son competed for a scholarship to FUS this past winter. I was very impressed by him. FUS lives and breathes ex corde ecclesiae.

  8. WmHesch says:

    Picture His Eminence with a “selfie crozier” taking a group photo with all attendees hiding under his “cappa magna”! It would break the internet!!!

    (disclaimer: I love Cardinal Burke- just think that would be a really fun image)

  9. gaudete says:

    I’m sure you meant Ex corde Ecclesiae (http://w2.vatican.va/content/john-paul-ii/en/apost_constitutions/documents/hf_jp-ii_apc_15081990_ex-corde-ecclesiae.html)
    ;-) “ex code” sounds too much like “coda” to my italianized ears – so from the _end_ of the Church? ;-) Hope not…
    Would the talks, esp. about the Catholic Universities, be available somewhere online?

  10. Nan says:

    I met Fr Sheridan last year. He’s a lovely priest. Cardinal Burke is the best. I wish I was there.

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