CQ CQ CQ #HamRadio Saturday: UPGRADE and the aftermath of Zuhlsdorf’s Law

phantom ham radio operatorLast week I posted about the long delay for my Amateur Extra license upgrade to be posted on the FCC site.  It FINALLY came through.  So, that’s take care of.

Last week I also posted on my struggles under the influence of Zuhlsdorf’s Law.  That struggle continued into this week.  I had my car in to the shop.  My phone developed problems which resulted in huge frustration and scrambling for solutions.  Etc. I write on that here because, after all, the mobile phone is a hand held radio that hits local repeaters.

What happened with the iPhone is that, on my way to Milwaukee to get my new radio (because the old one died), it got very warm and the power, the charge, simply dropped.  For the days that followed, it charged slowly, and you could practically see the battery percentage drop as you gazed at it.  I tried everything I could find on these interwebs to deal with this.  I was on the phone with Apple.  No joy.  I eventually stopped in at my provider store to explore my options and I chose to invoke my insurance to replace the phone.  I must say that the replacement came swiftly. Then I had to go through the set up and restoration from my backup which was a slow process.   In any event, that’s over… for now.

Interesting note: my old phone developed its problems a month before it was eligible for upgrade.  Coincidence?

Hopefully Zuhlsdorf’s Law is done with me for the time being. Remember… Murphy was an optimist.

Also, I posted the bad news that the ham radio shop in Milwaukee was closing down.  The good news is that Ham Radio Outlet is going to take it over.

Meanwhile, I am again working on my Morse Code.  Each day I do something with it.

My practice key, which I bought at Rocket Radio in Tokyo, Akihibara.

If you want to learn a language, the key – ehem – is to do something each and every day without fail.

Also, I am assembling some parts for a little “home brew” project.

I created a page for the List of YOUR callsigns.  HERE  Chime in or drop me a note if your call doesn’t appear in the list.


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  1. Admiral-GER says:

    Good luck with your home brewing project.
    If you like some “Amateur Exchange”: I am brewing my own beer since one year.
    I opened a brewing blog for that as well: http://admiralsbrauhaus.blogspot.de/

    [Any one who starts brewing beer gets a star!]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  2. acardnal says:

    Father, I was hoping you’d try your new Kenwood radio this weekend and give us a report!

  3. acardnal says: I was hoping you’d try your new Kenwood

    Yes, I know. Me too. I’ve been really busy and I haven’t had the chance to get out and string antennas, etc. I will soon! Alas, tomorrow the weather might not cooperate.

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