For those of you consciously engaged as the Church Militant…

I was sent this image.  I had to share it.

firey darts of the devil

I could, wag that I am, replace those darts with the names of a few liberal tweeters.  But that might be just a tad bit mischievous.

Keep smiling.  Keep that shield up.  Keep that sword sharp.  Keep that chin-strap tight. And keep…


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  1. kay says:

    Father Z,
    I have a question. Since so many people are named “jesus”, and I constantly hear JC’s name as a throwaway in daily conversation which grates on my soul, should I switch to Yeshua?

  2. A good reminder Father especially as our world is under heavy attack from evil. Vive La France my prayers and thoughts with our French brethren as they are once again under attack by the twisted followers of a diabolically evil philosophy.

  3. tzard says:

    Watch your toes. Those lies are coming pretty close.

  4. un-ionized says:

    Steel-toed sandals?

    kay, Jesus, Yeshua, Spanish “Haysoos,” Joshua, are all the same name. I think God hears them in context.

  5. NBW says:

    Thank you for sharing Fr. Z. This is such an inspiring image. It’s perfect for what is happening in our world now.

  6. yatzer says:

    I think I will copy this picture and put it in my religious ed room next year.

  7. KatharineH says:

    Truthful and helpful image. Thank you Fr. for sharing this.

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