A priest says his first Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form

Here is some good news.

My friend Fr. Jeffrey Keyes has posted about saying his first Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form.  HERE

Photos there.


Once priests learn the older Form, they ever after say the newer Form in a different, renewed way.  In turn that has a knock-on effect in their parishes.

This is why libs and aging hippies fear it.

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  1. Fr Mark Elliott Smith says:

    I learned to say the extraordinary form about eighteen months ago, and remember thinking that I would never get through the first Mass. But how glad I persevered! It does make a huge difference to the way I say the ordinary form, but more than anything else I treasure the sheer recollection that the EF imposes on one, and the sense that the Mass says you, rather than the other way round.

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  2. Felipe says:

    “Brick by Brick” he was my Pastor for many years. We were very blessed to have him. I noticed a difference after he began to celebrate the EF. Both in him and in the parishioners, including myself. I came to realize that the purpose of the Mass isn’t so much about the person in the pew and the person who is the priest, but the person of Christ. It isn’t a dialogue between the priest and the people but the priest, in the person of Christ, offering himself to The Father. The whole community received solid catechesis whenever Fr Keyes preached. Living in the East Bay Area, there are many Catholic parishes, but VERY few traditional ones. i understand people want to be inclusive to new comers (and whatever other reason why they neglect their traditions) but what about being inclusive to those like us who are already believers and love the beauty of the ancient form of our own Rite? Although Fr Keyes was removed a few years after he began to say Mass in the Extraordinary Form, I am grateful to be able to attend one parish in Oakland that celebrates the EF regularly, but I pray that it would be made available to all parishes out here. It would benefit the priests and the people! Please pray for our diocese of Oakland, CA! This blog gives me a lot of hope, thank you Fr Z for all that you do.

  3. pelerin says:

    Congratulations Fr Mark on winning Fr Z’s Gold Star for the Day!! And thank you for celebrating Mass at Tyburn on Monday.

  4. Torculus15 says:

    I know Father Keyes from the annual Church Music Association of America’s sacred music colloquium. It is a distinct privilege to know him. His experience “in the trenches” makes this celebration of the Extraordinary Form even more special. Well done, Father Keyes! I wish we had you in our town! And thank goodness for the good Bishop Vasa who is supporting the EF in his diocese.

  5. majuscule says:

    I follow “Pater Jeffrey Keyes” on Facebook. You can, too (if you are on Facebook and I don’t blame you if you are not). He posts good stuff!

    And I would like to tell you something about Doug, the server on the far right in the photo. He is tireless in promoting the Extraordinary Form by helping priests, training servers, setting up for Mass and probably much more that I don’t know about.

    We need more people like him! We need to be him!

  6. Liz says:

    God bless these priests!

  7. Ben Yanke says:

    FYI Fr. Z:

    Fr Keyes has been doing the EF for f
    Some time (his post is dated 2012). Since then, he’s celebrated it frequently, including a solemn Mass in Pittsburgh, which I covered here on NLM:


    In fact, I’ve served several of his private Masses at the past CMAA colloquia! He’s an awesome priest, God bless him.

  8. Ben Yanke says:

    Btw, the solemn Mass above was notably his first solemn Mass!

  9. roseannesullivan says:

    This photo is of Father Jeffrey Keyes’ first TLM, and the servers are Doug Zeitz and his two sons, Anthony and Dominic. It has been great to see how Fr. Keyes fell in love with the EF after then-bishop of Oakland, Salvatore Cordileone asked him to learn it. He remarked about how different it was to see that after his first Mass on a Thursday evening the congregation stayed outside in the dusk visiting with one another for hours.
    The Zeitzs deserve some recognition too. They literally go way out of their way to support the traditional Latin Mass in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve seen them serve Masses in Santa Clara, Burlingame, Fremont, San Francisco, East Palo Alto, and other places. They help train new servers whenever a new priest is learning the TLM and assist the priest with practice Masses. I think of Doug as a TLM hero, and I wanted to write about him, but when I approached him about the idea, he told me that I should write about the old priests who had been keeping the celebration of the TLM alive during the decades when it was virtually outlawed. I wrote about Fr. Kozina of Oakland and Fr. Young some in my article about the Agatha Christie indult for the upcoming issue of Latin Mass magazine, for a start.

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