Brilliant discussion on the Catholic Church and Western Civilization

This video is great. It was forwarded to me by the Rush of Madison, the great Vicki McKenna.

Watch or listen to this video. It has many points which could be broken into individual discussion. There is a apologia Christianity in the West. They point out that the modern fads of global warming and black lives matter, etc., are actually a return to irrational paganism. Racism and bigotry now masquerade as progressivist rationalism. Listen for their reference to man as “a poor, bare forked animal” (King Lear) or as a “rational amphibian”. Note the passing references to the Church’s role in the development of economics and international law. They point out the relationship of reason and faith, and what happens when reason and faith are delinked (hint: bad things). Etc. Etc.

Oh… and they refer to Dante. If you don’t know your Dante… well… pffft.

I’d really like a transcript of this.

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  1. Huber says:

    Dr. Thomas E Woods covers all of this in wonderful detail in his book: HERE

    [While good, I don’t think Woods covers all of what was covered in that video dialogue… which I suggest you listen to.]

  2. YoungLatinMassGuy says:

    To go along with Dr. Thomas E Woods books, is his lecture series “Catholic Church Builder of Civilization.”

    It’s a great start for the layman who doesn’t want to sit down and casually read the Summa Theologica after attending Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

  3. jameeka says:

    Wow. This is a really excellent and interesting discussion, but easily grasped and basic at the same time. If they have another one, keep me posted.

  4. Ages says:

    The host, Stefan Molyneux, has an abundance of good content. Despite being an atheist, I think he comes from a very solid place and his channel is worth a subscription.

    And I think he’s softening on Christianity. He certainly is not the garden variety militant mindless atheist you normally encounter. Pray for him. Perhaps his disdain is for the brand of Protestantism he was raised in, and not Christ Himself in truth.

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