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Audio: Politically Correct Night Before Christmas

Here’s something fun.   The Great Roman alerted me to a podcast from Madison’s best radio host – she should be national – Vicki McKenna: the voice of reason in a city of chaos. POLITICALLY CORRECT NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS So, word reached … Read More

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Radio host @VickiMcKenna tackles present issues roiling the Church

More on the Jesuit-engineered debacle at Holy Cross College.  I posted about their prof who is trying to “queer” Jesus and about their cowardly, ankle-grabbing cringe to the world when they dropped their team’s name and mascot.  HERE I direct … Read More

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Brilliant discussion on the Catholic Church and Western Civilization

This video is great. It was forwarded to me by the Rush of Madison, the great Vicki McKenna. Watch or listen to this video. It has many points which could be broken into individual discussion. There is a apologia Christianity … Read More

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The encyclical ‘Laudato si” and “integral ecology”

Yesterday His Excellency Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino, the Extraordinary Ordinary of Madison, was on with a popular radio show host, Vicki McKenna – who really ought to have a national show! – to talk about Laudato si’. Also, since Rush’s critical remarks … Read More

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Are you annoyed by webpages that play videos automatically? Solution!

A happy tip of the biretta to one of the smartest talk radio show personalities in these USA, Vicki McKenna for the following.   Thank you! Thank you! I pick this up from one of her tweets: ANNOYED by websites … Read More

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Audio seminar on how Big Business Abortion handles botched abortions, injured women

Radio show Vicki McKenna, the Rush of MadCity (aka Madison, WI, aka 78 Square Miles Surrounded By Reality), spoke on air the other day (final hour on 25 March) about a 911 call from a Planned Parenthood Big-Business Abortion clinic which severely injured … Read More

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