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I, for one, have had a successful and enriching sojourn in Italy, having experienced two pilgrimages and some days in between.  Among the highlights must be counted participation in the Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage and acting as deacon for the Pontifical Mass celebrated in St. Peter’s Basilica by my old friend Archbp. Sample.



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  1. JonPatrick says:

    Yesterday I got my family to watch “A Man for all Seasons” and they loved it. It is refreshing at a time when there is so much corruption around us, especially here in the US as brought out by Wikileaks and the presidential campaign, to realize this is nothing new and how important it is to stand strong with a well formed conscience against the forces of evil.

  2. L. says:

    This weekend I attended the inaugural meeting of the Catholic Bar Association, held in Kansas City, Missouri. It was a wonderful experience, with a Red Mass and great presentations by outstanding speakers, including Hadley Arkes and Governor Sam Brownback. This organization is something that has long been needed. I won’t include a link to the organization’s website (since this is Fr. Z’s website and not the CBA’s) but it can be found easily with an internet search.

  3. Felipe says:

    I served as Acolyte for the silver jubilee for Fr Jeffrey R. Keyes. I just want to thank all of the Holy Priests out there. Thank you for your service to The Church. Thank you for bringing Jesus Christ to us, and thank you for giving your lives out of love for Christ. May you all realize how important you are and that without you, there are no sacraments. Thank you

  4. Nathan says:

    At our Missa Cantata for the Feast of Christ the King, not only did we have a beautiful Mass, we had ten servers, including torchbearers. We have more altar servers now than at any time since the TLM was started at this parish in 2006, the vast majority of them young and enthusiastic. Deo Gratias!

    In Christ,

  5. araustin02 says:

    Visited the St. John Paul II Shrine in Washington DC while on vacation and saw the wonderful temporary exhibit on St. Thomas More, including relics and items belonging to him. That and the opportunity to venerate the blood of St. John Paul II made this stop the most joyful of our whole vacation. I urge anyone in the area to make a stop to the shrine.

    Our own personal good news is that after 10 months of trying (including many prayers and novenas!), my husband and I conceived! We have an 18 month old son and are looking forward to welcoming another child into our home. Thanks be to God!

  6. beelady says:

    My husband and I will celebrate our 25th wedding Anniversary tomorrow on All Saints Day. When we were married my husband was a non-practicing catholic and I was a non-practicing Protestant. I joined the church and we had our marriage validated in 2000. God has been so good to us! We are very thankfull!

  7. Adorista says:

    My son’s theology teacher just got married! About a month ago, he told them about his bachelor party. It was in a monastery! He got to spend time talking with a 90 year old monk. I’m so encouraged that there are young people like this, working at a Catholic school, yet.

  8. a catechist says:

    Yesterday (Sunday) my 7 yr. old asked if he could light a candle. I asked him what he wanted to pray for. He told me he wanted to pray for the husband of his music teacher. I said, “He died last year” to which my little guy replied, “I know, Mom, that’s why I want to pray for him.” We’re feeling happy about his religious instruction at his Catholic school.

  9. un-ionized says:

    I seem to have found a parish. And there are others around here that are good, too. Recovering from the old parish. The bad priest has finally been transferred and markedly demoted so he won’t be doing any more damage. I’m not bothering with what happens next there. Some situations are hopeless.

    Sleeping better.

  10. Thomas Sweeney says:

    Our diocese has one TLM on Sunday at 11:00am. Lately attendance has grown noticeably.

  11. westham1 says:

    Fifty people from all over the country attended the Young Catholic Adult weekend at Douai Abbey in England 28th- 30th October. There was a Solemn High Mass on Saturday 29th with Fr. Thomas Crean O.P., as celebrant, Canon Vianney Poucin de Wouilt ICKSP as Deacon and Dom. Christopher Greener O.S.B., as Sub-Deacon; followed by a Marian Procession around the grounds of the Abbey.

    On Sunday, Fr. Thomas Crean celebrated a Sung Dominican Rite Sung Mass. However, there were also 3 catechetical talks, Rosaries, two sessions of confessions, Vespers, Confessions and socials!

    For more photographs of the event see:-

  12. Sword40 says:

    On All Saints Day, our newly ordained, Fr. Caleb Insco, FSSP (and our second priest) will celebrate a Solemn High Mass at 7:00pm at St. Joseph Catholic church in Tacoma, WA.

    We have been so Blessed in these past few years. Please say a few prayers for Fr. Insco and our parish.

  13. VeritasVereVincet says:

    My church has had a crucifix in the sanctuary for four weeks straight now. Before that, for years and years, it was a resurrexifix at all times except Lent. I was very excited when I saw it! May it stick around, and may more corrections follow.

  14. Anne C. says:

    Our recently-added (last summer) Parochial Vicar celebrated a High Latin Mass in the Extraordinary form on the Feast of St. Raphael (our parish Patron) a week ago, and I was able to thank him personally yesterday! He thanked me, and told me that he was looking forward to more of the same (as am I!), and is planning to teach an evening class on the subject of Latin! However, our Pastor cautioned him on “moving too fast,” so it probably won’t be until a year from now . . .

    I’d like to defend our Pastor, however! The first thing I said when I met him (only the previous summer, when he was our only priest), was that “I love Latin” – and he replied, “So do I!” Shortly after becoming Pastor, he started chanting the responses (in English, but, “brick by brick!”), and not long after, replaced the “Great Amen” with a two-toned one!

    Also, I shared the video of Fr. Lankeit’s sermon (which Fr. Z posted here on October 5, “MUST HEAR BEFORE YOU VOTE! One of the BEST sermons I’ve ever heard – ACTION ITEM!”) with a friend of mine who leads the Navarre Bible Study here (a friend of yours, Fr. Z), and she is going to show it at her bible study this week! More good news is that it was another parish couple, who also attended the Latin Mass, who helped her set it up!

  15. Prayerful says:

    My minor enough good news is getting a good number of old missals and prayerbooks (1860 to 1957) and a work of systematic theology by Honoré Tournély (a Gallican opponent of the Jansenist heretics), Praelectionies Theologicae de Deo et Divinis Attributis (a fragile book that certainly looks like it could have been printed in 1725 and it should force me to relearn Latin), for maybe 20 Euro.

  16. Bethany says:

    We have two extra TLMs this week because All Saints and All Souls fall on days that we don’t usually have Mass! That makes for a pretty good week.

  17. Nan says:

    Indulgences for visiting cemeteries and praying for the dead!

  18. truthfinder says:

    Was able to attend the EF Mass for Christ the King which was preached by Cardinal Collins (thank you for advertising it!). I really hope there is an official report, but it was very well attended (and very clearly by many people who were not familiar with the EF), the schola did an excellent job, and His Eminence gave a wonderfully strong sermon on the rule of Christ, the necessity of our allegiance to Him, and gave the example of several martyrs.

  19. Supertradmum says:

    Second book (fantasy) coming out before Christmas hopefully, with a third accepted for publication in 2017..please help by buying the books, as you all know how poor I am…thanks….

  20. ncstevem says:

    My wife finished her residency 2 weeks ago and I moved her and our 2 yr old daughter back to our home last weekend. We’ve lived 250 miles apart since June 2012.

    This is the second residency for my wife. She completed her first 25 years ago when she graduated med school in Brazil. I’m humbled by her dedication and perseverance for the children she serves ( she’s a pediatrician).

  21. Charivari Rob says:

    My wife and I cleared the most recent project hurdles at our respective jobs, so hopefully a little bit of time to even out our stride before the next.
    One cousin just got engaged.
    Another cousin just got married.
    We were able to partake of both sessions of a wonderful revival this weekend.
    Police officer and I were able to shut down a traffic breach in a work zone (I’m a highway worker, among other things) before some errant driver injured or killed somebody (such as my foreman).

  22. DMontgomery says:

    Last Sunday in Nanjing, China, where I live the Archbishop Francis Xavier Lu (who is in communion with Rome)celebrated a sung latin mass (Ordinary form), for the confirmation of two members of our international community. It was the first time he has celebrated mass in Latin for more than 20 years! It is also the first time I have been able to attend mass in Latin in China. Everything went according to plan and made all the organisation worth it. I can only hope that it made a good impression on the congragation, most of whom have never attended mass in Latin. I also hope it will encourage the Archbishop to celebrate mass in Latin more frequently.

    As Father Z likes to say brick by brick.

  23. un-ionized says:

    Charivari Rob, God bless you and all highway workers. I always wave when I go by.

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