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St John Paul II on the Rosary and the Family

St. John Paul II wrote in his 2002 Apostolic Letter on the Rosary, Rosarium Virginis Mariae: 6. … A similar need for commitment and prayer arises in relation to another critical contemporary issue: the family, the primary cell of society, increasingly … Read More

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Thanks to readers and upcoming Mass for benefactors

Thanks to all you readers who are also monthly and occasional donors.  I am grateful for your help, without which this is not possible.  Thanks also to those of you who have sent items from my wish lists, stuff or … Read More

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Of this and that

I am packing for my flight to Italy tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure that my flights won’t be affected by nasty weather. Speaking of nasty weather, this morning I had a call from my mother in Florida, right on the coast where the … Read More

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“In pensive mood I trod My garden plot one day;…”

Autumn Sighs By Cyril Robert In pensive mood I trod My garden plot one day; October’s smile was weary so! It’s green was gloomy gray. Where are the strains of summer gone? Its sun the livelong day? With sudden sadness … Read More

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The Battle of Lepanto (1571) and the Feast of the Holy Rosary

The Battle of Lepanto on 7 October 1571 was the largest naval engagement until Jutland in 1916. 40,000 dead in 4 hours.  There are many famous battles, but most of them come no where near the significance of Lepanto for … Read More

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Kudos to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Given the fecklessness of some of our Catholic leaders, given the meaningless and nation-endangering “lines in the sand” drawn by the Obama administration, this is refreshing, although from a non-Catholic source. From American Conservative: The Courage Of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship … Read More

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