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CATHOLIC CHESS CHAOS! Oh, the humanity.

From the often amusing Eye Of The Tiber: Society of St. Pius X chess grandmaster Larcel Mafebvre has turned four of his pieces into bishops without approval from the World Chess Federation, officials have confirmed. “Mr. Mafebvre has, without approval from the Federation, created bishops … Read More

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ASK FATHER: The priest said: “I give you the absolution …”

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Reverend Father, If a priest in the confessional says “I give you the absolution in the name of the Father and the Song and the Holy Spirit” Is the absolution valid since he did not say … Read More

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Diocese of Arlington has a new bishop

Over the years I have written quite a few times about His Excellency Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge, olim Bishop of Raleigh in North Carolina.  He was just translated to the Diocese of Arlington in Virginia. Bp. Burbidge has been open to … Read More

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St. Francis of Assisi on treatment of the Eucharist, Communion, ornaments of the altar

If any of you have some notion that St. Francis of Assisi was in life like the kitty-hugging, pastel-toned image you see on a holy card or garden statuette, with little birdies sitting on his arms… think again. Some think that had … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Do I have to confess everything if people might overhear?

From a reader… Hi Fr. X: [I’m sorry.  Fr. X is not available right now.  May I be of help?] I have a question for an Unreconstructed Ossified Manualist. [You’ve come to the right place.] I think I read someone … Read More

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Pope Francis speeds cause for Fr. Hamel, murdered by terrorists

A couple weeks ago I wrote that I suspected that Fr. Jacques Hamel was martyred, murdered in Northern France by Islamic terrorists, and that it wouldn’t surprise me were the Pope to speed up the process. During the presser on the airplane returning … Read More

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