ACTION ITEM: TLM training for priests

action-item-buttonSometimes when I respond to people who ask how they, too, can have the Traditional Roman Rite where they live, I say: GET TO WORK and make it happen!  Persuade, cajole, bribe priests.   Beg, borrow, buy vestments.  Unlock, lock, police and square away everything.

Recently when I was in Toronto to give a talk, a young fellow approached me and asked for my help.  His group is attempting to crowd fund for their TLM group in the Archdiocese of Kingston (that’s a Canadian place in Canadia).

Their immediate objective it to raise money so that they can send priests to Chicago and the Canons of St. John Cantius for TLM training.   At present a priest is driving a very long distance from another diocese.  Not good.


Since they are trying to do exactly what I suggest, I thought I would give them a shout out.


Please lend a hand?

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  1. Gabriel Syme says:

    I say: GET TO WORK and make it happen! Persuade, cajole, bribe priests. Beg, borrow, buy vestments.

    Too right, Father!

    It can be daunting for people, if they feel they are starting from scratch as part of a small group (or even alone).

    But as Catholics we are never alone! Do not underestimate the willingness of fellow traditionalists to help out – even from the other side of the world.

    In recent times, Una Voce Scotland has sent gifts of spare liturgical items and vestments to help small traditionalist Catholic groups in both Russia and Taiwan.

    These gifts were received with great thanks – and probably astonishment at the source!

    I also know that, in traditional circles (inc the SSPX), there is a great culture of loaning items to help each other out.

    Ask around, use the networks, broadcast appeals for help. Someone on the other side of the globe could be sitting with a spare item which is needed elsewhere – and they will only be too glad to help.

    We shouldn’t turn our nose up at anything we can get – a candlestick here, a biretta or altar missal there – it all adds up!

  2. momoften says:

    We had St John Cantius come up to our Diocese and train in one place. It might be cheaper, especially if you reach out to the Diocese, or to other parishes….they also helped with altar boys….well worth it

  3. bushboar says:

    My wife and I go to Kingston a few times a year (we live in the US but not far from there) and at present they only have one TLM per month. The regular Sunday Mass at their Cathedral is generally celebrated reverently but we would love to be able to go to the TLM on Sunday mornings before we leave to drive home. I will definitely donate to their cause.

  4. ZCGP says:

    Father, if you can tell them or if they’re reading this– Extraordinary Faith (EWTN TV Show) will send priests/people out for no charge to teach them!

  5. Sword40 says:

    Yes, it can be done. We did it, starting almost 10 years ago. And now we have our own parish church with two FSSP priests. It is a tough road but the key is perseverance. Don’t associate with “nay sayers”.

  6. Jackie L says:

    To piggyback on what ZCGP said, the Extraodinary Faith option is excellent, has trained several Priests I know, and is a FREE option with personal training that travels to the location of the interested Priest(s) .

    From their website: Best of all, celebrant training is provided at no charge anywhere in North America as part of our apostolate. Even the travel expenses will be covered. There is only one requirement: Clergy taking us up on this offer must commit to holding Mass in the Extraordinary Form at least once per month, for at least three months, commencing within two months of our visit.

  7. PTK_70 says:

    Would someone, somewhere please come up with a TLA for Mass said according to the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite other than ‘TLM’??

    Reason: Masses said/sung according to the Dominican, Ambrosian, Carthusian Rites are all quite Latin and plenty traditional.

    TLA = Three Letter Acronym/Abbreviation

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