Trump’s video message to Catholics

I don’t think that the criminal candidate for the Part of Death has a video message for Catholics.

If she did have one, I would post it also.

I know that the GOP candidate has a video message for Catholics.

Since he does have one, I post it now.

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  1. gloriainexcelsis says:

    When Holy Mass ended this morning and we said the Leonine Prayers (FSSP parish), Father added a prayer for our country and its leaders. My hearing isn’t so good and the prayer was rather long. I think, from the little I could hear, that it might have been our first U.S. Bishop Carroll’s Prayer for Government. I have a copy somewhere. I’ll have to look.

  2. Kerry says:

    Does the Red Queen’s appearance in Philadelphia the other day, with Jay Z and Beyonce count as a message to Catholics?

  3. The criminal candidate for the party of death does indeed have a message for Catholics that she repeats every time she praises and advocates the abortion industry, taxpayer-funded contraceptives, the redefinition of marriage, and the changing of “deep-seated religious beliefs.”

  4. FloridaJoan says:


    Thumbs up ! If one has not heard her Hillary’s message, one has not been listening.

    pax et bonum

  5. un-ionized says:

    I got a phone message from Huckabee urging Christians to vote for life and religious freedom. It was a nice message. No party mentioned, he didn’t have to.

  6. frjim4321 says:

    It’s hardly a surprise to me that Raymond is untroubled by rape culture.

    [That really is over the line. EVERYONE: He is baiting you and trying to disrupt. Don’t take the bait.]

  7. Ages says:

    frjim4321: “rape culture” is a virtual meme in comparison to the reality of abortion culture.

    Tens of millions of dead children.

    Trump will appoint pro-life Supreme Court justices and federal judges, and that WILL have an effect. But I know you already voted, presumably for the crypto-Satanist, so I hope you’re sleeping well at night.

  8. lmgilbert says:

    Nowhere in the Catholic press or blogsphere have I seen ANY reference to Trump’s support of school choice, but this is totally, totally amazing. This is from his official website (

    -Immediately add an additional federal investment of $20 billion towards school choice. This will be done by reprioritizing existing federal dollars.
    -Give states the option to allow these funds to follow the student to the public or private school they attend. Distribution of this grant will favor states that have private school choice, magnet schools and charter laws, encouraging them to participate.
    -Establish the national goal of providing school choice to every one of the 11 million school aged children living in poverty.

    Whatever his sins, in my book this alone makes Trump the Catholic candidate. Tweaked and massaged this would open the possibility of giving all of our Catholic children a Catholic education.

  9. Midwest St. Michael says:

    “It’s hardly a surprise to me that Raymond is untroubled by rape culture.”

    As some are “untroubled” to vote for a rape enabler?


  10. Kathleen10 says:

    frjim really, that is beyond the pale. It is horrifying to observe a priest relativize the dismembering of an innocent child with any other issue. That our shepherds do this is one of the main reasons we are in a state of spiritual and moral collapse. Do you not fear God.

  11. Stephanus83 says:

    Does anyone actually know who frjim4321 voted for? Maybe he voted for the American Solidarity Party or the Constitution Party. There are many orthodox Catholics who will note vote for Trump or Clinton. How about we stop casting stones at frjim4321 lest we descend to the same level as the fishwrap comment section here.

  12. ChesterFrank says:

    I liked this. His messsage was delivered respectfully

  13. AnnTherese says:

    Nice message that he was told to read. Trump respects Catholics like he respects women.

    I heard this a lot from a teacher of mine: A man is only as good as his word.

  14. un-ionized says:

    I’m probably a day late and a dollar short as usual, but who’s Raymond?

  15. Kerry says:

    The rape culture. Rapeseed, Brassica napus subspecies, napus, is a large winter or spring annual oil crop in the Brassica family and is also known as rape and oilseed rape, and for a specific group of cultivars, ‘canola’. … Rapeseed plants grow from three to five feet tall and have yellow flowers with four petals. Canola is a name applied to edible oilseed rape. This plant belongs to the mustard family along with 3,000 other species. Close relatives of this crop have been cultivated for food since the earliest recordings of man. Rapeseed has been important to Europe since the 13th century as a source of food and oil for fuel. Rapeseed production became popular in North America during World War II as a source of lubricants. Its oil has the property of adhering well to moist metal, making it an ideal lubricant for marine engines.
    The name “canola” was registered in 1979 by the Western Canadian Oilseed Crushers Association to describe “double-low” varieties. Double low indicates that the processed oil contains less than 2% erucic acid and the meal less than 3 mg/g of glucosinolates. Erucic acid is a fatty acid that has been related to heart disease. Glucosinolates have breakdown products that are toxic to animals. Both characteristics make rapeseed products poor candidates for animal consumption.
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    Flowering begins Stage 4 and continues for 14 to 21 days. Three to five flowers open per day and 40 to 55% of the flowers that open will develop pods. Ripening, or Stage 5, begins when the petals fall from the last formed flower on the main stem. Pod fill is complete 35 to 45 days after flower initiation, and the seeds contain about 40% moisture at this point. The crop is considered ripe and ready for swathing when 30 to 40% of the seed from pods on the main stem have turned color. Spring varieties of B. napus mature 74 to 140 days after seeding and B. campestris in 66 to 111 days.
    Here endeth the lesson.

  16. msc says:

    Trump was resolutely pro-abortion, and supportive of Planned Parenthood, until very recently. Given his general mendacity, I simply do not trust him on this issue. I believe he will say whatever he thinks he needs to say to get elected (like most politicians). But at least he is mouthing the right things and if he is elected and feels he owes something to the Catholic vote, he might be less pro-abortion than Hillary.

  17. frjim4321 says:

    “Trump will appoint pro-life Supreme Court justices and federal judges, and that WILL have an effect.”

    Actually, only in the around 33% chance that he is elected.

    And even if he were to be elected he could just as easily revert to type and go back to his pro-choice roots.

  18. Jenson71 says:

    This was better than his previous attempt at Catholic outreach on social media: a picture of him with a Rosary dangling from his neck holding a plate of communion wafers captioned, “I love Catholics! Trump Tower Grill makes the holiest bread EVER. Retweet if you want Donald J. Trump to be the new Pope.”

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  20. Y2Y says:

    It is hardly a surprise when leftist priests utter complete garbage and demonstrate their low intelligence and lack of bona fides.

    Your Nuremberg is coming.

  21. Matilda P says:

    @msc – My thoughts, exactly. These past few days I have been coming around to the same conclusion as you have, although I’m not from the US and so, obviously, cannot vote. I have been quite shaken by some of my American friends who, raised Catholic, have been organising *transnational* phone banks for Hillary, roping in many willing non-American citizens who are just jumping at the bit to help out, or who have been blissfully posting their post-Hillary-vote photos on social media, or parading their Planned Parenthood support.

    But they are only a few, I’m sure, of all the sons and daughters (perhaps, particularly daughters) of the Church who have been lost to the world.

  22. pelerin says:

    I agree with Ann Therese – a politician will seemingly say anything to get votes and Trump wants the Catholic vote so he praises Catholics – and people surprisingly believe him. If he does get elected then it will be very interesting to see whether he still ‘lurves’ Catholics.

  23. pelerin says:

    And he does not appear to love Mexican Catholics at all.

  24. Ages says:

    msc and others: Trump’s Christian spiritual advisors, many of which are respected people in their own denominations and spheres, are convinced that he has had a sort of spiritual conversion experience. No one can know his heart, but it is unjust to deny someone the ability to change his ways.

    I’ll take a baby Christian over a manifest evildoer.

  25. PA mom says:

    AnnTherese- KellyAnne Conway, Trumps campaign manager, is a woman Catholic.

    So, it would seem he does indeed value both women and Catholics pretty highly.

    My husband has been reading some very disturbing things which have come to light with Podesta’s emails from Wikileaks. Spirit cooking, with this lady named Marina Abramovic, whic is some weird occult performances with bodily fluids, additional connections to child traffickers after the Haiti earthquake. Less wild, but equally disturbing evidence of her teams knowledge that Isis was funding by Quatar and Saudi Arabia, but allowing funding and massive increases in weapons sales to these countries, who had made donations to Clinton Foundation.
    Wild stuff, but much of it right in front of our eyes but without the dots connected.

    I told him that if you are fine with nearly born infants being killed on a massive scale, then the rest can seem like small potatoes, I guess.

  26. APX says:


    Trump’s not a politician. I thought given his demeanour that was pretty obvious.

    Thanks for that lesson on rape culture. Having driven through “the land of rape and honey”, I wish someone would have taught me that earlier so that I wouldn’t have been so confused by the town’s slogan.

  27. PA mom says:

    “small potatoes”. Not what I really meant. It is all just Evil, serious Evil in different forms.

    We really need to use our votes to OPPOSE these evils, not vote third Party.

    If you aren’t sure, watch one of his rallies. Please see directly what he is offering the American people. See who he spotlights at his rallies (it isn’t Jay-Z and Beyonce).

    Trump does seem to love this country and want GOOD for it and it’s citizens.

  28. KateD says:

    Is this election a chastisement? It’s as if we are being given the choice of idols: Murder or Money. It’s even in the names: Caine and Pence. Does no one else find that odd? Perhaps this goes beyond the personal sin of the candidates and is directed at our idolatry. God could elevate a righteous man to lead us, if He chose to. Why hasn’t He? I’d like to blame it on everyone else, those rotten sinners, that culture of antichrist, blah, blah, blah….but maybe what is necessary is for me to look at my own white washed sepluchre, and address my own sin. Nothing is impossible for God. Today might be an excellent day to forgo the material, a good day for ash and sackcloth and a great big mea culpa.

    I do not mean to trivialize the murder of innocents. It must stop. But how do we effectively do that? If it is a symptom, will it go away if we treat the illness that it springs from? Our own complicity with idolatry.

    We shouldn’t cease any of our efforts to stop murder, but perhaps we can also acknowledge our sin. We see time and again as faithful ‘C’atholics how our physical reality is predicated on the spiritual…who hasn’t witnessed miracles that simply defy physics and logic?

    Frankly, I don’t know what to do about this election. I feel boxed in by evil. I am overcome with fear for the future and the more I try to investigate the candidates, the more I am repulsed by the wickedness I find. At every turn is ungodliness. It seems impossible….

    Then here come the readings on Sunday to put it all in proper perspectivegive (it’s as if they knew we’d be confronted with these choices this week…)

    R. Alleluia, alleluia.
    Jesus Christ is the firstborn of the dead;
    to him be glory and power, forever and ever.
    R. Alleluia, alleluia.

  29. WVC says:


    I appreciated your post on rape culture.

  30. WVC says:


    I think you’ve got it wrong. He doesn’t like Mexican rapists. He also doesn’t like folks who flout American law and enter the country without permission. I don’t think he’s made any distinction about whether the rapists and lawbreakers were Catholic or not-Catholic. As far as non-rapist and non-illegal alien Mexicans, I don’t think Mr. Trump has specifically commented but my guess he has no particular animosity toward them.

  31. WVC says:

    Stephanus 83,

    frjim has made it clear that he’s already voted for Hilary (and is darn proud of it). I do agree with Fr. Z’s call to ignore the troll. He’s made it obvious he doesn’t care about anything other than trying to get folks here riled up, and he has no inclination to actually respond to any of our arguments. Stop feeding the troll.

  32. WVC says:

    Arguing over Trump’s sincerity at this point is rather moot. We all know, full well, what the other side looks like. We also know, full well, how pointless supporting a third party candidate is at this point (beside the fact that there really are no decent third party candidates to support). The issue is:
    -Has Trump given you manifest evidence that he intends to do evil or break his campaign promises?

    I would say there is no such evidence. There’s evidence that he’s not always a nice guy. That he can be crass and a bully when needed. That he can be a shrewd business man willing to use every legal trick in the book to get what benefits him (and there’s no evidence he’s done anything illegal in his business or tax dealings, unlike some other candidate I could name). That he’s not particularly devout. That he’s a pretty big fan of himself. That he has the verbal skills of a 5th grader, and that his mouth is not always connected to his brain when it spouts off.

    No evidence, however, that he’s unstable (quite the contrary, he’s shown remarkable drive and skill both in his business dealings and his new political endeavors). No evidence that he’d start a nuclear war (if anything, he’s been the only sane voice regarding our foreign policy for decades). He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t do drugs. There’s nothing that shows his judgment being critically impaired when it comes to important things for which he is responsible. And he has consistently endorsed policies that are sound for the country, policies he had to have learned by listening to and engaging with intelligent and trusted advisors.

    Unless one can provide some sort of evidence that he is LIKELY to go back on all of his campaign promises once elected, one is merely speculating. Such speculation is not enough to discourage voting for him, if one agrees with his policies and positions.

    In other words – in dark times risks must be taken. If the strategy is to wait for a moral and devout Catholic to rise in power in American politics, we are utterly doomed. Now is the time for Tom Doniphons and not Ransom Stoddards.

    To not vote for Trump is not the same thing as a vote for Hilary, but if she wins by a narrow margin as a result of conservative Christians not being able to step off their pious platforms to be “in the world” for a few moments . . . well, we’ll all get exactly what we deserve. Politics ain’t nice or pretty, but sometimes you have to side with the murder (Moses), the adulterer (David), the polygamist (Solomon), the warmonger (Joshua), the coward (Peter), and the persecutor of saints (Paul). That’s life in this broken world.

  33. KateD says:


    In 2 Thessalonians, from which this last Sunday’s reading came was the warning that we must love the Truth or in the time of lawlessness God will allow us to be deceived.

    Again, today is a good day to detach from the material. Pray, fast, discern.

  34. WVC says:


    I went to the Extraordinary Form this past Sunday, and the Gospel was also appropriate: Matt. 13:24-30 – the parable of the cockle being sown amongst the wheat. That’s one of the truths of this world – we will always have the cockle sown amongst the wheat. You can certainly say that about our choices this election, although I would say one side is all cockle and the other side at least has some wheat mixed in with the unpalatable parts.

    KateD, I think I have a different perspective which I’d like to offer. Our political leaders have been rotten for years and years and years. The political class has been just as immoral, crass, and godless as Trump appears for decades. People held their noses and votes for McCain and for Romney, but they were no more sincerely Christian than Trump. The only difference is that they were willing to lie and pretend and dance in front of us and claim they were really devout Chrsitians whereas Trump doesn’t try to hide his many personal warts.

    Republicans, by and large, for the past several decades have pretended to be pious and holy on stage. When it comes to truly having any faith, I think the fruits speak for themselves. There is no lack of corruption charges, government graft, personal immorality, scandals, lying, and warmongering on the Republican side as on the Democrat side. They’ve consistently done nothing to defend our country or our values from the never-ending attack of the progressives, and often they do what they can to help the revolutionaries. They support the waging of unending wars all over the globe (at the expense of our own soldiers and sailors and the lives of millions of foreign civilians), they now support “gay marriage” as the law of the land, they support the constant selling out of our domestic industries to globalist corporations, they support saddling our children’s children’s children with unpayable debt, they support foreign migrants over American citizens, and of those they support Muslim immigrants over Christian immigrants . . .the list goes one ad infinitum.

    Put not our trust in princes. Many have naively believed the Jeb Bushes and Marco Rubios and Ted Cruzs as they talk about how much they love Christ and how important their Faith is to them. Words are no more than that. Words. And for politicians, they’re much less than that.

    Trump is certainly no prince or prophet, but he has the benefit of not pretending to be one. He may turn into a traitor in the end, but at this point I think we have little to lose to trust this pagan Cyrus to perhaps at least buy us some time to circle our own wagons and defend our hearths and parishes from the relentless attacks.

    That’s my perspective. For what it’s worth.

    And I certainly agree – detachment is helpful. I sure don’t lose any sleep over this stuff. I doubt “How you voted on 8 Nov 2016” is high on the list of things God will discuss with us when we go to meet him on our appointed day (it’s probably three spots below “What was your opinion of the pope?” and one spot above “did you chose paper or plastic bags at the supermarket?”). In the end, life will go on one way or the other. I just prefer, while I have the chance, to hope that life will continue under easier circumstances than under worse circumstances. There is one candidate who is guaranteed to make our circumstances worse.

  35. Dan says:

    “To not vote for Trump is not the same thing as a vote for Hilary, but if she wins by a narrow margin as a result of conservative Christians not being able to step off their pious platforms to be “in the world” for a few moments . . . well, we’ll all get exactly what we deserve. Politics ain’t nice or pretty,”

    The “I am not going to vote for president”, or the “I am going to write in someone with no chance of winning” strategy is tantamount to Pontius Pilate’s strategy of washing his hands of the decision to Crucify Christ, as if by not making the decision, or allowing another to be made by others absolves any of us of wrongdoing. Inaction is action too, if our not doing something allows some evil to be put forth by others then we are every bit as culpable as if we had done it ourselves.

  36. WVC says:


    Don’t overdo it. Coming close to equating the passive allowance of the crucifixion of Christ with not voting for Donald Trump might be coming at it a bit high. I would encourage folks to consider voting for Mr. Trump, but accusing them of betraying Christ if they disagree with you isn’t terribly persuasive. If nothing else, it will just make your listener more defensive and adamant in their position to not support Trump.

    This is an important moment in American History, but it’s not on the same scale as THE most important moment in ALL of history. Besides, our course in this country has been set for about 150 years now (with significant milestones along the way, such as the New Deal and the Great Society). One vote for one candidate won’t be enough to turn back that momentous tide. Even if Trump wins and is as sincere as Job there’s no guarantee that he can do much to turn back the tide. It may buy us time, however, and that’s more than we really could have expected out of this election.

  37. The Masked Chicken says:

    How many innocent photons will be spilled tomorrow by people trying to justify their voting choices?

    Look, voting is a reflection of the moral stance of the people of a country. I suppose the U. S and much of the Western World is sliding into moral numbskullery.

    It is not the case that one cannot be a one-issue voter. One issue can so swamp out the other issues so as to render the other issues moot. Even the USCCB Voter’s Guide says as much:

    “42. As Catholics we are not single-issue voters. A candidate’s position on a single issue is not sufficient to guarantee a voter’s support. Yet if a candidate’s position on a single issue promotes an intrinsically evil act, such as legal abortion, redefining marriage in a way that denies its essential meaning, or racist behavior, a voter may legitimately disqualify a candidate from receiving support.”

    By this, they seem to say that one really good position on a subject held by a candidate is not enough to demand voting for a candidate, but a position of holding an intrinsic evil may disqualify voting a candidate. Even this is not, strictly speaking, true, since I can think of scenarios where a single issue must, not merely may, guarantee a candidate’s disqualification (such as, “Vote for Herod – he will find and eliminate the Christ child”) but, there is some room for double effect where both candidates hold to an intrinsic evil.

    Until the abortion matter has been exposed as evil so that everyone must accept it as evil, the U. S. and much of the Western World will remain inhabited by moral numbskulls.

    The Chicken

  38. SKAY says:

    This is a very nice story that shows a very different side of Donald Trump-one that the pro
    Hillary press would not want to point out. This is not the only story about people needing some
    kind of help that he has quietly responded to. I do know that he monetarily helped the young veteran who made a wrong turn and ended up in a horrible Mexican jail as he was moving to San Diego for help with his PTSD. I also remember the Obama administrations very tepid response to his mother’s cry for help.

    I am sure I will not like every one of his decisions but I do believe he cares about this country and
    its average everyday citizens. That is important. I also think there is good reason to believe he will not continue with the anti Catholic policies that we have seen coming out of the Obama administration with Hillary’s promise to continue if not escalate. The atheists and the ACLU will continue to try and put any reference to Christianity out of the public square and that is where the problem with the activist judges Obama has put in place already and the Supreme Court nominations comes up. Who holds the Senate is important also. I believe Trump will choose from the SCOTUS list that he has given to us. If the Democrats take over the Senate all bets are off. They will not approve anyone they even imagine is pro life. Wikileaks has shown us that it is the Democrats who say one thing in public and another in private. Hillary said as much in a private speech that she did not want made public to some wealthy bankers. She is all about pay(her) to play. She allowed Russia to obtain 20% of our uranium assets for her own monetary gain while Secretary of State and there are so many more US assets for her to bargain with using the oval office.

    There have been some Republicans with weak spines that I have been very disappointed with but
    there are still some who do continue to represent what is still great in this country-its citizens.
    I do not believe both parties are equally bad because the party platforms are quite different. I
    do understand that there are quite a few Republicans in name only who pay no attention to the platform.
    I used to be a Democrat, Protestant and pro choice. I do give God all the credit for dragging me
    kicking and screaming to where I am now so do not tell me people cannot change. It took a while.
    On top of that He thankfully brought me to Father Z’s blog. :-)

  39. tskrobola says:


  40. Lucas Whittaker says:

    Father Jim, One need look no further than the Democratic Party’s on platform in order to see where they–proudly!–stand on so-called life issues. From page 37 therein we can read, under “Securing Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice”: Democrats are committed to protecting and advancing reproductive health, rights, and justice. We believe unequivocally … that every woman should have access to quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion … We will continue to stand up to Republican efforts to defund Planned Parenthood health centers … We will continue to oppose–and seek to overturn–federal and state laws and policies that impede a woman’s access to abortion, including by repealing the Hyde Amendment.” So, while you are concerned that Trump might return to a “pro-choice” position, the other candidate believes that Margaret Sanger was a visionary, whose vision she plans to expand if she becomes the next POTUS.

    I applaud Trump for reaching out to Catholics in a genuine way: Smart. And I believe what he claims.

  41. KateD says:


    I am a single issue voter.

    If a candidate doesn’t have the basic powers of reason to understand that abortion is wrong, they are ineligible for my vote.

    As a faithful Catholic, my conscience compels me to vote for prolife candidates.

    And so as not to sway anyones vote, I will leave it at that for today.


    Sincerity is a facet of Truth. To dismiss the relevance of sincerity is to walk away from Truth.
    Personally, I believe God will be very interested in how we voted…and our intentions.

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